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My Characters are Such…..Characters!

I’ve been working on my continuing story, “On The Run”. The story that came out of picture prompts.

The pictures that were voted on can be found here.  The first installment of the story featuring these pictures can be found here (part 1). The second installment can be found here (part 2). The third installment is here (part 3).

Anyway, I’ve been working on the 4th installment for a couple of days now. Yeah, a couple of days of pure stubbornness on the part of my characters! They don’t want to follow directions. They are doing things that they shouldn’t and they are driving me nuts!

Amber wants to be too girly. The old ladies Edith and Myrtle are being fussy. Donnie is being an ass. As for Alesky! Don’t get me started on what a big dummy he is being!

I can NOT get anyone to behave. They just go where they want to with no rhythm or reason. Ugh!!! They thumb their collective noses at me so I have had to take a break. Forgive me. Sigh.

I will keep at them, bug them, snap at them. Maybe I can get the 4th installment done yet today. Maybe not. I am not giving up, but I might have to retreat for now. But I will finish this week! I have to!

Next month I am doing NaNoWriMo and so need to get this done so I can get in the zone for November. Hmm, maybe that’s why Amber and crew are being obnoxious. They don’t want to be left behind. Well they are just going to have to deal because I have a whole different thing I’m going to be working on for NaNo.

I’ll keep you all in the loop, promise. But for now I have some ass to kick.

Oh, the photo for the next installment is below. Just thought I would give you a heads up. Wish me luck!


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