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Friday Fictioneers ~~ November 8, 2013

Even though I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month and I’m getting some awesome help in the form of guest posts on here, I can’t not do Friday Fictioneers. I look forward to it every week.

So I’m taking a break in the insanity that is NaNo and bringing you another week of the Friday Fictioneers in all it’s awesomeness. You’re Welcome.


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and an end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


Make every word count.

Thanks go out as it always does to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for being the patient and kind hostess of this weekly party. If you want to join or just to read other great stories from the same photo, go click on Rochelle’s name and be ready to read to your heart’s desire. Once you land on Rochelle’s blog scroll down to the little blue critter and he will take you Β on a magic carpet ride.

This week’s photo and my story follows:

Copyright-Al Forbes
Copyright-Al Forbes


Genre: Β fiction (100 words)

In the late moonless night there was a soft rumbling of a truck engine. The cattle weren’t too concerned as two men stepped out of the truck and opened the back. Soon there were sounds of grunts and snorts from the cattle as they were herded into the back of the truck.

The whole operation took less than half an hour. The fully loaded truck took off down the dusty road. On the sides of the truck was the name “Hermes Trucking”.

The men laughed as they drove with their four-footed bounty shuffling in the back. Soon it will be payday again.


**This was done after my research on Hermes found that he was the God of Thieves and Cattle Rustling.Β It’s the more tongue in cheek modern version as cattle rustling is a big problem today.

25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~~ November 8, 2013

  1. Congrats on NaNoWriMo… had tried to get my act together, but not looking good. Bravo to you, for doing that and getting the FF out, as well. Love your take on this… very original and clever. The tongue and cheek play on Hermes is a lot of fun! Good luck this month.


  2. Dear Jackie,

    In all my research on Hermes I never read that at all. Are you pulling my rubber leg? Great story whether or not you’re an expert jokester.




  3. Dear Jackie,

    I didn’t know about Hermes being the god of cattle rustling. Interesting. Clever use of that tidbit in regard to the prompt. Good job.




  4. Thank you for putting the explanation in at the end. I was trying to figure out how on earth you got here! Anyway, this was a very realistic rendition of modern cattle rustling.


  5. I knew that you’d do the FF! And a good one too! I’m very happy your writing is going well. Mine has gone well until a few days ago but now every word is like pulling teeth. I’ll need to come up for air …


    1. thanks tiny. Take a break this weekend my friend! You are ahead on NaNo, so take a break, do something for yourself, take a nice long walk with Bumble. You deserve it. Take a break and don’t even think about NaNo. Then you’ll be refreshed and ready for another week. big hugs.


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