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Another Special Guest Post ~~ Michelle Young

Michelle Young from has graciously volunteered to help me out this month while I do NaNo. Michelle is a super talented woman, so please make her welcome.

Here’s a little about her:

Michelle Pierson Young is a spitfire. She has her fingers in a lot of pies and is a big fan of eating them too. She is an accomplished artist, dabbling in oils, watercolor, jewelry making and stained glass. She is a dedicated wife of 26 years who may or may not be a bit much to deal with sometimes. Don’t ask her Mr Dreamboat about that. He’ll deny it all day long. She is the loving mother of 5 children, two daughters in law and celebrated YaYa to her grandson, Pierson Danger Young. Yes, that is his given name. Michelle is a runner, a life coach, a blogger, a poet, a women’s advocate and has a salty mouth, but she’ll try to hide that fact from you as long as she can. The part about bad language. Not the other stuff. She has an infectious passion for life and wants everyone she knows to enjoy the ride.

Michelle is going to share some her thoughts on the Holiday season, which is coming up fast!


Ten Thoughts On Holiday Extravagance

It’s no surprise to any of us that each year the holiday season starts earlier and earlier. I’m no Scrooge, but those decorations popping up in late September just add a few months of anxiety to that which already carries quite the mixed bag of emotions.

The other day Mr Dreamboat started singing a Christmas carol and our usual pithy banter devolved into me making, what I thought were “cute” threats to staring cruelly toward him and he tentatively evaluating my sanity. He stopped singing. That’s all I’m saying.

While I’m no Scrooge, I’m also not a holiday die-hard. They come, I’m happy for the traditions and time with family, and they leave and I am relieved to get on with my resolutions and regularly scheduled programming.

The following are a few things I think about the holiday season:

1.     While holiday food is a delight, the holiday poundage is just not okay with me.

2.     I am most certainly a born and raised Christian, but give me some secular traditions and call me a happy girl! Bring on Frosty, let us revel in Santa, may we all identify with Rudolph and his coming of age story. Bring it.

3.     I am opposed to that obligatory family fake-y, pretend-y stuff that makes us all anxious. Let’s just admit that we’re all dysfunctional and be nice. Just for a few minutes. My philosophy: I’m not okay, you’re not okay.

4.     Our holidays are absolutely weighted with all sorts of traditions, but once those traditions weigh us down more than they lift us up, it’s time to toss the little suckers and move on to greener pastures.

5.     I am in my mid-forties, but I still like a good present under the Christmas tree.

6.     Don’t tell my kids, but I fantasize about a holiday where I sleep in, eat soup and read in front of a fire. This is heresy and I can’t believe I wrote it.

7.     One time, my Mr Dreamboat and I had an unprecedented 3 day argument over orange rolls for Thanksgiving. He won. That’s all I have to say about that.

8.     While our Thanksgiving feast might look a little Rockwellian, we have this super weird dance tradition obligating all family as well as guests to boogie through the kitchen. It’s weird. And memorable.

9.     It really is better to give than to receive. Once we really understand this, the pressure is off to feel happy over the holidays.

10. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your traditions or the baggage from your childhood, I hope you take care of yourself, remember that you are a beloved and unique child of the universe and you deserve happiness.

Happy… Life!

4 thoughts on “Another Special Guest Post ~~ Michelle Young

  1. I love your list, Michelle, and I hope to see the video of the kitchen boogie this year. 😉 My family is slightly horrified that we’re staying home on Thanksgiving so I can write, but Rich is a good cook, and our son is here with us again … so I’m happy. It’s good to be a hermit sometimes.


    1. I’m looking forward to seeing that boogie video too! 😉 It’s great to be a hermit sometimes Maddie! I know, it’s my secret personality. haha!


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