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Holidays! And Some Other Things We Celebrate This Month

Hello people! Hope your weekend was filled with fun!

I just finished NaNoWriMo last week. I didn’t post much in the month of November as I was working on that. But for this month I’m letting those writings settle and then I’ll get to the much-needed editing.

For this month I thought I’d do a little something different. Did you know December is not only the month for Christmas and Boxing Day? I mean there are a slew of things out there that are celebrated this month!

Take yesterday for example. Yesterday was December 1. Did you know it was also Eat a Red Apple Day? No? Neither did I! See what I mean. There are lots of other things to celebrate in famous December.

I thought it would be fun to write a post every day this month about all the different things that are celebrated in December. It could be a teaching, fun, all month celebration! And, you don’t even have to buy presents! Yea!

So let’s see what else was celebrated yesterday.

December 1:

World Aids Day ~~ I think we’ve all heard of this worthy day.

Day With (out) Art ~~ this is a tie in with World Aids Day.  Began on December 1, 1989 as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis.

Eat A Red Apple Day ~~ Yum! I can do this one easily as I love apples.

Bifocal At The Monitor Liberation Day ~~ Oh man, I need to celebrate this one! I actually have two pair of glasses. Bifocals for when I drive and do other things. Regular glasses for working on the computer. Now you know my secret!




As for today we have celebrations! Take your pick or enjoy all of them.

December 2:

Coats for Kids Day ~~ Now this is the kind of day we could all celebrate by donating a child’s winter coat for charity. We would like to have all the children warm this winter!

Abolition of Slavery Day ~~ To quote the official website (which you can find when you click on the day) The focus of this day is on eradicating contemporary forms of slavery, such as trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation, the worst forms of child labor, forced marriage, and the forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict.

Special Education Day ~~ Special Education Day, the national holiday listed in Chase’s Calendar of events,  began in 2005. That year marked the 30th anniversary of the IDEA–the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. 

I also found out that today is:

Hand Washing Awareness week ~ first week in December

National Fritter Day ~~ a fritter is usually a fruit or vegetable shallow fried in batter.

So go give a kids coat to your favorite charity and eat a fritter for me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more! (PS….You could buy me a present if you wanted, my address is……….) hahaha!

Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr