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Happy International Ninja Day! ~~ Dec 5

As I try to type with frozen finger tips I remember the warmer weather fondly. Was it only a short month or so ago? Seems like forever.

Hello people! Yes, I’m whining about being cold. I get that way when my fingers and feet feel like ice cubes. It’s -26c (-13F) here today and damn it I’m cold! I find as I grow older I feel the cold more than I used to, of course it might also have to do with not wearing my winter coat when I go out. I wear a lined, nylon jacket I’ve had forever. No gloves and no scarf or hat. I hate hats, they drive me crazy. As for gloves I’m not even sure where they are.

So ok, I have to say I’m partly to blame for my frozen condition, but I’m still going to whine. 😉

So let’s go on to the fun things for today. Like International Ninja Day! Yes, it really is International Ninja day today, isn’t that awesome. I so want to dress up like a ninja and sneak up on people! Eh, it’s too cold for that so I’ll let others do it.

How about those other celebrations slated for today? Let’s see what I found.

International Ninja Day ~~ The International Day of the Ninja or Ninja Day was founded in 2003, by a blog called According to the “Day of the Ninja” website, December 5th is a day to dress like a ninja, show you’re a ninja and post pictures and videos related to ninjas.

Bathtub Party Day ~~  How about this for a celebration? Go draw yourself a nice hot bath, with bubbles if you like, and relax. No phones, no computer, maybe a good book and just relax. Or if you are really in the ‘party’ spirit ask someone special to join you in that bath and party your own way! This is a day for kids or adults. Let the kids play with fun bubbles for a while in the tub. They come out clean and they have fun, what more could you want?

National Sacher Torte Day ~~ Sachertorte is a specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher  in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria.  It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties (according to Wikipedia). The cake consists of two layers of dense chocolate sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle, coated in dark chocolate icing on the top and sides. It is traditionally served with whipped cream without any sugar in it. Now that’s a delicious sounding cake! From my findings this day is celebrated today in the USA. But hey, I’m sure they won’t mind sharing. 

Via Wikipedia
Via Wikipedia

International Volunteer Day ~~ The United Nations  annually observes the International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on December 5. The day, which is also known as International Volunteer Day (IVD), gives volunteers a chance to work together on projects and campaigns promoting their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels. To quote the UN website “International Volunteer Day (IVD) offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make visible their contributions – at local, national and international levels”. I’ve provided a link to the UN website if you are interested in reading more. Just click on the link above.

National Communicate with Your Baby Day ~~ Yes even babies have their say today. Today is the day for talking to your baby. I think that’s every day myself, but hey I just write what I find.

Repeal Day ~~ Repeal Day celebrates the end of Prohibition with the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 5th, 1933. Almost 15 years prior, the 18th Amendment was passed to outlaw alcohol. Though, Prohibition increased America’s thirst for alcohol and the outlawing of alcohol provided fertile grounds for organized crime to spread its influence. I added a link to if you’re interested in reading more.  Have a drink for me today and let’s clink glasses, mugs, solo cups, cans, bottles or anything else you happen to be sipping from and wish us all a happy day!


Via tumblr
Via tumblr





12 thoughts on “Happy International Ninja Day! ~~ Dec 5

  1. Dear Jackie, how I feel for you today. here is beautiful Australia it is a little cool for this time of year but any day now, like yesterday it will be up in the 30C’s and we will be complaining about the heat. We don’t temperatures like you, I am pleased to say, but we do get days of very oppressive heat and humidity. So its sort of relative I guess, though in the heat your toes and fingers don’t freeze, just sweat. Stay rugged up I say.


    1. Thank you very much. I do stay warm, drink lots of hot coffee or tea. We get some pretty warm days but nothing major. I get spoiled over the the summer and fall.


  2. Do not tell Rich about that bathtub party! I am not in the mood. 😉

    Freezing here, too. The new furnace is in the basement but not hooked up yet. Ice and snow on its way tonight.

    “Sachertorte is a specific type of chocolate cake” … Ok, now I want a treat again. Thanks for that! 🙂

    Try to stay warm!!


  3. I love your Day posts, and I would love to be a ninja. Must add it to my bucket list! OR I’ll just practice being a ninja today and sneak up on my weenie dawg. Haha


  4. Hey JackieP,
    Hope you’ve invested in a keep-you-warm coat, hat and gloves. 😉
    It’s been a while but it’s good to be back.
    Thanks for sharing so many amazing facts about my Birthday…I always thought I was a ninja when I was a! 😛
    On a sad note, it will also be a day noted for the death of a great leader and example of peace, Nelson Mandela.

    Keep warm. 🙂


    1. Hi Phil! I’m hopeless where winter attire is concerned. 🙂 Good to see you back. And happy Birthday! It is a sad day because of Nelson Mandela passing, unfortunately I posted this post before he died or I would have certainly mentioned it. Have a wonderful day!


  5. As you can see, I’m behind and missed this one. Brrrr. I’m not going to complain about our cold here anymore. I prefer cold to heat though. As a rule, many Europeans use less sugar than we do. I was shocked to find whipped cream with no sugar. Yuck! But love the tortes. Had to start wearing hats and scarves after the Bells hit. Now I have a whole collection I wear year round. If this ever goes away, I’ll probably donate the whole lot of them. Not nice on a hairdo. I bundle up like a mummy here. How do you do that without more layers than a cake?


    1. I sort of prefer cold to heat. I used to live in Texas so yeah I know heat and I couldn’t take it. ha! I’m such a wuss. I am naturally hot blooded I think. Maybe it’s the Native American in me or something, but I hardly ever wear a winter coat. I hate hats or anything on my head, drives me nuts. As for gloves, I might wear them if I could keep track of them. 😉


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