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Today’s List of Holidays! ~~ Dec 8

Hello, people! Hope you are having a wonderful day where ever you are.

Today is a frosty sunny day here, so I’m sitting with a hot cup of coffee browsing the internet just for you. I’m surrounded by fur babies as my office seems to be the warmest room in the house. Every time I get up to refresh my coffee, Pouncer (my female cat) jumps into my chair thinking to take over.

I just push her off and she goes lays with her brother Notwen till the next time. It’s a game we play all day.

So, like I said I was browsing the internet looking for holidays for today and came across a few. Hope you enjoy!


National Brownie Day ~~ Yes that fudgy, cakey chocolatey delight has its own holiday! Can you say yummy?! From what I could find, the brownie made its first appearance at the Columbian Exposition in 1893.  Apparently, according to Wikipedia, a chef at the Palmer House Hotel created the confection after Bertha Palmer requested a dessert for the ladies attending the fair that would be smaller than a piece of cake, and easily eaten from boxed lunches.  So go make a batch of brownies, add nuts or whatever else your heart desires and enjoy!

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day ~~ Doesn’t this sound like fun? Today is the day that you actually pretend to be a time traveler! You are supposed to dress and act like you have time traveled all day, without actually telling anyone what you are doing! Now of course if some people in white coats show up, then I think it’s ok to tell them you are acting. I do hope they believe you. hahaha! There seem to be several options for you also:


1) Utopian/cliche future
– “If the Future did a documentary of the last fifty years, this is how badly the reenactors would dress.” Think Star Trek: TNG or the Time Travelers from Hob. Ever see how the society in Futurama sees the 20th century? Run with it. Your job is to dress with moderately anachronistic clothing and speak in slang from varying decades. Here are some good starters:
– Greet people by referring to things that don’t yet exist or haven’t existed for a long time. Example: “Have you penetrated the atmosphere lately?” “What spectrum will today’s broadcast be in?” and “Your king must be a kindly soul!”
– Show extreme ignorance in operating regular technology. Pay phones should be a complete mystery (try placing the receiver in odd places). Chuckle knowingly at cell phones.

2) Dystopian Future:
– This one offers a little more flexibility. It can be any kind of future from Terminator to Freejack. The important thing to remember is dress like a crazy person with armor. Black spray painted football pads, high-tech visors, torn up trench coats and maybe even some dirt here or there. Remember, dystopian future travelers are very startled that they’ve gone back in time. Some starters:
– If you go the “prisoner who’s escaped the future” try shaving your head and putting a bar code on the back of your neck. Then stagger around and stare at the sky, as if you’ve never seen it before.
– Walk up to random people and say “WHAT YEAR IS THIS?” and when they tell you, get quiet and then say “Then there’s still time!” and run off.
– Stand in front of a statue (any statue, really), fall to your knees, and yell “NOOOOOOOOO”
– Stare at newspaper headlines and look astonished.
– Take some trinket with you (it can be anything really), hand it to some stranger, along with a phone number and say “In thirty years dial this number. You’ll know what to do after that.” Then slip away.

3) The Past:
– This one is more for beginners. Basically dress in period clothing (preferably Victorian era) and stagger around amazed at everything. Since the culture’s set in place already, you have more of a template to work off of. Some pointers:
– Airplanes are terrifying. Also, carry on conversations with televisions for a while.
– Discover and become obsessed with one trivial aspect of technology, like automatic grocery doors. Stay there for hours playing with it.
– Be generally terrified of people who are dressed immodestly compared to your era. Tattoos and shorts on women are especially scary.

Take it in the Ear Day ~~ I know, I know, you are probably raising an eyebrow and thinking, Jackie has finally lost it and is just making things up. I’m not, I promise! I found this one all over the internet but no one seems to know where it started or why. No one seems to even know exactly what it means. It could mean you listen to a verbal tongue ‘lashing’, or it could mean you just give someone a listen while they vent about the holidays. It could even mean just go get another ear-piercing. Hell, it could mean a wet tongue in the ear like a ‘wet willy‘. I have no idea!


Whatever you decide to celebrate today, do it in fun and love. Until tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Today’s List of Holidays! ~~ Dec 8

  1. Oh man, I missed brownie day. Well, better late than never. I can do the past anytime I open my closet. Everything is at least 25 years old. I’m a throwback to the lost generation. 😉 don’t think I could do the rest of them.


    1. Missing brownie day is probably a good thing for me. ha! As long as you are happy with what you wear I wouldn’t worry about it. Might actually come back in fashion soon anyway. 🙂


      1. I agree. Why waste perfectly good clothes because someone thinks they look old. But the brownies… I can smell them. Your are right, I don’t need them. Well, maybe just one? 🙂


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