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Celebrate! Celebrate! ~~ Dec 13

Good day people! Today I bring you great tidings of joy, or some more celebrations, which ever works for you.

Here’s hoping your weekend turns out to be super! Done Christmas shopping yet? Got all those presents wrapped? Got your tree up? Yeah, I’m nosey. hahaha!

That special day is getting closer and closer! So tell me, what does Christmas mean to you? Let me know, I’m really interested.

Source: Why the Grinch of course!
Source: Why the Grinch of course!



So let’s get onto those celebrations for today shall we.


National Violin Day ~~ I couldn’t find the source of this holiday, but popular opinion is (I’m inclined to agree) that it was started because of all the music that is performed this time of year. Violins are usually a big part of Christmas music. The violin is the smallest yet the highest pitched instrument in the violin family. The violin family consists of the violin, viola, bass viola and cello. The violin can be played in a number of musical genres, classical, jazz, folk music and even rock and roll. It is also called a fiddle. So go ahead and listen to the violin, however you like it. Or if you play, even better! Play a tune for me today!

National Cocoa Day ~~ The history of this day is unknown, but who doesn’t love cocoa? Especially when it’s cold and blustery like it is here. A nice hot cup of cocoa would be great! What is the difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa? Hot cocoa is made from a powdered mix of cocoa, sugar and is made with hot milk or water, and hot chocolate is made from chocolate bars melted into cream. While both are delicious, cocoa is the one being celebrated today. Some may celebrate baking with cocoa, while some want to mainline it in a good cup of cocoa. Either way, cocoa lovers, this day is for you!

Via Wikipedia; The cacao tree may have originated in the foothills of the Andes in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America where today, examples of wild cacao still can be found. However, it may have had a larger range in the past, evidence for which may be obscured because of its cultivation in these areas long before the Spanish arrived. It may have been introduced into Central America by the ancient Mayas, and cultivated in Mexico by the Toltecs and later by the Aztecs. It was a common currency throughout Mesoamerica and the Caribbean before the Spanish conquests.

Chocolate and cocoa contain a high level of flavonoids, specifically epicatechin, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health. As with all things people, moderation is the key!

Pick a Pathologist Pal Day ~~ Some people think Pathologists and coroners are a happy lot. I wouldn’t know, as I don’t know any. But I’m thinking they have their own brand of humor. So find yourself a Pathologist today and become pals with them! I have no idea where this started, or why, but hey I’m all for making new friends!


That’s all I got for today folks, come back tomorrow for another edition!




8 thoughts on “Celebrate! Celebrate! ~~ Dec 13

  1. I love the cartoon! Hahaha! Christmas means the warmth of family, gathering and worshiping together on Christmas Eve as candles are lit one from another….being thankful that Jesus, God-is-with-us, was born to save…holding my little grandbaby’s warm hand and being thankful for my blessings.


  2. Almost midnight! I always think of you about this time of day. 🙂

    There has been no Christmas shopping yet. The money bag is empty. So that would mean there are no presents wrapped. I did put up ALL of our Christmas decorations today. This is the whole of what we have this year. 🙂 This poor little display is on a table in the front room where we have parked our son. It’s a little creepy, but it makes me laugh, so we’re keeping it.

    I have a Christmas story for you, but it’s too long and will have to come to you via email.

    Violins and cocoa. I’m in for both. I have a coroner in my new series, but he doesn’t like my main character, so I will put him in the grumpy category.

    Rich said to tell you he used to work in a huge freezer for a grocery distributor. He froze his ass off daily for fifteen years. 🙂

    See you tomorrow!


    1. Poor Rich! He has no ass! hahaha! Tell Rich most men his age have no asses. bwahahaha.
      I am not decorating this year either, and I rather liked your little display. 🙂 I’ll look for that email with the christmas story whenever you have time to write me. Stay warm!


  3. Where to start with this one???? At the bottom or ass end. Loved the cartoon.:D Next, my last husband had a good friend that was a coroner for Los Angeles county. Their friendship came in mighty handy when my first husband died and we needed the autopsy rushed through so the my kids and his parents could do what needed to be done. Odd fellow but nice enough. Hot cocoa day is next. After reading, I’m heading to William Sonoma in the morning for some of their best peppermint cocoa to give as a gift. Love it but have to swear off due to sugar.:( This was an interesting collection. I’m decorated, not wrapped. My daughter does that when baking is done. I just point and direct.:) There will be very little this year. I need NOTHING! Too blessed for words.


    1. Sounds like you and your daughter have everything in hand. Great! Makes for a relaxing holiday. As for the hot cocoa, yeah I can’t have any either because of the sugar. Darn it. 🙂


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