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More December Celebration Days ~~ Dec 22

Hello once again people! I couldn’t find much for today. Maybe it’s gearing up for Christmas. After all that’s the BIG day to celebrate this month.

But, I did find a few reasons to celebrate the day.

So, do you open your presents on Christmas Day? Or Christmas Eve? My family always opened them Christmas Eve night, after supper. When we were really small it was Christmas morning after Santa came the night before. My parents would also hang Christmas stockings at the end of our beds, so that’s the first thing we saw when we woke up. Later, as we grew older things changed and we opened our gifts on Christmas eve.

We never got a lot, but we were happy with what we did receive. When I was young, my siblings and I would each get one toy, the rest would be clothes or shoes, or most times it was a new winter coat with mittens. We weren’t rich by any means and so the coats were much appreciated. I think that our toys were much more appreciated because we got so few of them.

Ah, why is it that Christmas time is always a time of reflection? That can be good or bad, depending on your thoughts and memories. Hope they are all good for you!

Now to today’s celebrations!



National Date-Nut Bread Day ~~ Today is the day for Date-Nut Bread.  Enjoy a tasty bread for the holidays. It’s the perfect bread for the season. It contains nuts and sugar, but is not heavy on the sugar. Date nut bread is quite popular. You can make it yourself, or buy some at the bakery. It’s really good toasted with butter, or if you want more of a sweet treat, you can drizzle it with frosting or chocolate and eat it that way. Either way it’s a nice way to celebrate the day!

Don’t be a Scrooge Day ~~ My findings were some celebrated this day on the 21st, and some on the 22. I choose it for today because I didn’t have much for this day! I’m writing this post so I can do that. Ha-ha! Today is the day you put on that smile that you are so famous for and celebrate the season! Here are a few ways that can help in that if you’re feeling it’s a bit much to do.

Relive Childhood traditions,

Remember what the holidays are really about,

Make some new traditions, after all they have to start somewhere, so why not with you!


Since today was a bit lean on celebrations, I thought I would bring you some more unusual facts that are pertinent for the month of December. ~~

The first president to decorate the white house Christmas tree in the United States was Franklin Pierce.

Germany made the first artificial Christmas trees. They were made of goose feathers and dyed green.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” appears on TV more often than any other holiday movie.

Rudolph” was actually created by Montgomery Ward in the late 1930’s for a holiday promotion. The rest is history.

Jingle Bells” was first written for Thanksgiving and then became one of the most popular Christmas songs.

Clearing up a common misconception, in Greek, X means Christ. That is where the word “Xmas” comes from. Not because someone took the “Christ” out of Christmas.

More diamonds are sold around Christmas than any other time of the year.

In Mexico, wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve is said to bring new love in the upcoming year.


So that does it for today. I’ll be here tomorrow with more celebrations! Until then go and give someone you don’t even know a present, smile at them!