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Merry Christmas! ~~ Dec 25

Merry Christmas people! We finally made it to the big day. Hope your Christmas went great and you find peace and happiness.

A few things to announce before I get to the celebrations for today. If you haven’t seen the blogs or posts about C4C yet, well I’m here to inform you what it’s all about. C4C (Company for Christmas) is a wonderful thing that was started last year by rulesofstupid. Now this kind man knew that a lot of bloggers were alone on Christmas and he wanted to do something about it. So he started the blog C4C that just runs during the holidays. It’s a place run by volunteers for people to go to if they get lonely and want to chat.

I am one of those volunteers. I did it last year and I’m doing it again this year. The only thing different is now we have the wonderful and kind-hearted rara from rarasuar manning the helm. My sparkly friend and I and all the other volunteers would like you to know that you can come over anytime and find someone to talk to. It doesn’t have to be serious stuff, in fact it’s usually not. It’s loads of fun, filled with music and laughter. I’ll be there between 2 and 4 pm, but I’ll also be stopping by off and on throughout the day and night.

My room is called JackieP’s Joint. I hope you’ll pop over later this afternoon and say hi!

Second piece of news is more personal. Last month I sent in a short story, “Grandpa and his TV” (500 words) to Canada Writes for a contest called “Bloodlines”.  I didn’t win the main prize unfortunately, but they did enjoy my story. So on December 26, they are publishing it on their website, Canada Writes, their twitter account and their Facebook page! That means my story, which is a true story by the way, will be plastered all over the internet tomorrow! Lots and lots of exposure! Yay me! For me that’s a win!

Now let’s get to those celebrations shall we?



Christmas ~~ Well I think we all know this one! Hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful! The history of Christmas goes back at least 4000 years. Although a Christian holiday, many of the traditions associated with Christmas actually have pagan roots. Christians in the Middle East and Europe began to adapt many of these traditions as a way of reducing the impact pagans had on society.

In addition to “Christmas”, the holiday has been known by various other names throughout its history. The Anglo-Saxons referred to the feast as “midwinter”, Or, more rarely, as Nātiuiteð (from Latin nātīvitās below). “Nativity”, meaning “birth”, is from Latin nātīvitās. In Old English, Gēola (“Yule”) referred to the period corresponding to January and December, which was eventually equated with Christian Christmas.  “Noel” (or “Nowell”) entered English in the late 14th century and is from the Old French noël or naël, itself ultimately from the Latin nātālis (diēs), “(day) of birth”.

National Pumpkin Pie Day ~~ Pumpkin Pie Day is honors this festive pie that is enjoyed in mass quantities from Thanksgiving Day until today. Today celebrate by eating an entire pie and mounds of whipped topping (yummy!). Get to baking and make plenty to go around, because you know there is always room for pie.

No “L” Day ~~ Now this one is a tongue in cheek kind of holiday. It seems it was invented by a Bob Birch from the Puns Corp. Say, No “L” Day fast, what do you come up with? haha! A’phabet Day or No “L” Day is for anyone who wants to send written messages, but not Christmas cards via snail mail to their friends. The card should list  all of the letters of the alphabet except the “L.” It’s silly yet fun. Have a go and see what you can do.

And once again I found a silly, funny poem for you to enjoy!

Up On the Desktop, Click, Click, Click!

I’m going to Google Santa Claus.
I’m going to Google him because
He does a lot of kinky stuff
that common sense forbids.
The hat, the sleigh, the biker beard
All strike me as a little weird.
I want to check him out before
I let him near the kids.

I’m going to Google Santa Claus.
His gay apparel gives me pause.
I’ll find out what he smokes
and if he used to be a dame.
I want to know what kind of guy
Goes mushing reindeer through the sky.
I want to know what Vixen did
to earn that kind of name!

And so I’ll Google old Saint Nick
And find out just what makes him tick.
I’ll search his background thoroughly
and learn his every vice.
Old Santa’s in the hot seat now.
He’s had it coming anyhow.
It’s time we knew for certain
If he’s naughty or he’s nice! 

Copyright; Scott Emmons



10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! ~~ Dec 25

  1. Jackie! I’m so glad I stopped in before going to bed! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you that your story is being published on Canada Writes – and promoted. I’m doing a happy dance for you!! 🙂

    I hope your afternoon went well at C4C. You are the perfect person for that event.

    And it’s a good thing my name is Maddie and doesn’t start with an L. 😉 Love you!!


    1. Thanks Maddie! C4C was a blast, my place had music going all over the place! Can’t stay sad with music. 🙂

      Christmas was quiet really. But good. And Rich deserves a big hug for doing all the cooking for you this year! Love you!


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