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The Chain Writing Game ~~

Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Chain Writing game

Kerrie Ann Salsac has started a new writing game. This is the second week for it. It’s a great game! Click on Kerrie’s name to see the rest of the story so far!

Different writers work on the same story, Kerrie starts us off and then we go from there with our 100 word additions. Go visit her blog and see how it works and play along!



Dennis and Trixie walk out of the convenience store together. Dennis keeps the gun to her back and walks close enough to hide it. They turn the corner and walk into an alley.

“All right, what do you know about Helen?”

Trixie takes her time turning to face Dennis. Her eyes are cold, yet not unfeeling.

“All I know is she was reading a letter and looked upset and sick. She called a cab from her cell phone and left.”

“Do you know which way she went?”

“Yeah, she headed downtown. Oh, she threw her cell phone in the garbage can in the store. If you hurry you might still find it and see who she called.”



16 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~~

    1. I wonder what she’s been hiding!
      And what could possibly draw her away from him and her medicine? It’ll have to be something incredibly important right?


  1. Trixie seemed to run out of tricks when the fear of her lifeblood trickling away became clear. I hope he demands the money back, he made need it later.


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