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Chain Writing Game ~~ Episode 21

Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Chain Writing game

Kerrie Ann Salsac has started a new writing game. This is the second week for it. It’s a great game! Click on Kerrie’s name to see the rest of the story so far!

Different writers work on the same story, Kerrie starts us off and then we go from there with our 100 word additions. Go visit her blog and see how it works and play along!

Click here to follow the rest of the story.


Someone yelled over the excitement.

“Get a medic team here stat!”

Trixie searches Dennis’s pockets for the insulin. Finding the vial and a needle, she grabs it and starts to push past the men blocking the doorway.

“Get the hell out of my way! I need to get to Helen!”

One black covered man steps in front of Trixie and stops her cold. She looks up into hard eyes and stares him down.

“You gonna help?”

“Follow me.”


17 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game ~~ Episode 21

  1. Alright! Medicine is on its way, but is it in time? I love the visual of Trixie in her “business” wear staring down some goon. For some reason (thanks, Hollywood) I see her flipping her feather-boa around her shoulder, hips out, and looking like, “Well, stupid, what now?” Great addition!


  2. Hooray Trixie! Good for you. When we started with her, a life was valued in money. Now she’s willing to face anyone down to save Helen. That’s terrific character development. Great episode.


  3. Will they allow her to reach Helen? I mean they surely would try to vet the medicine somehow before just shooting it in such a valued resource. Or perhaps they are so desperate they cannot wait.


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