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The Chain Writing Game ~~ Episode 28

Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Chain Writing game

Kerrie Ann Salsac has started a new writing game. This is the second week for it. It’s a great game! Click on Kerrie’s name to see the rest of the story so far!

Different writers work on the same story, Kerrie starts us off and then we go from there with our 100 word additions. Go visit her blog and see how it works and play along!

Click here to follow the rest of the story.


Helen’s shaky fingers slow on the keyboard as she glances behind her toward her husband. She never thought he would get involved, but she was proud of him.

She mutters under her breath, “He better live, damn it.”

She feels a hand on her shoulder and glances up towards Agent Kelly. Helen feels the squeeze and grits her teeth as her fingers once more fly on the keyboard.

Helen feels the hand leave her shoulder at the same time she hears Dennis cough. She silently wills him to live. Then she hears a feeble voice and her heart soars.


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Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

Hello People! Hope your Monday is super and I hope you stay warm and safe! It’s actually warming up here. Yesterday it was -29C almost all day. Today it’s a balmy -1C (30F) here today. It’s even supposed to get warmer tomorrow, but we have the wind to deal with again, so blowing snow. Oh well, could be worse I suppose.

So as I sit here trying to keep my fingers warm, I ponder the Daily Prompt for today:

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?


I can do my thinking just about anywhere, doing anything. But, my best thinking is usually done just staring off into space. I’ve always done this. I can sit in one spot and stare out a window and think through problems, think of story ideas, or just think about things I wonder about. My mother called it ‘daydreaming’, my ex called it ‘frustrating’ and everyone else just thinks I’m nuts.

I’m able to tune out everything and everyone when I do this. All my thoughts are focused inside. That’s when I listen to my heart as well as my mind. I can figure out the answers to problems I’m having. I can figure out story plots, and character’s become born, all in my mind.

Now sometimes, real good ideas come to me when I’m in that state of not quite sleeping, but not quite awake stage in bed. Unfortunately I never remember to put pen and paper on my nightstand to write these things down. I should because I can think of good stuff at that time. By the time morning comes I usually forget them unless it’s super good, then I tend to remember.

Of course even if I did put a notebook and pen on my nightstand, it would be too dark to write it down, as I have no lamp on my nightstand either. I would have to get up out of bed, turn on the light, write what I want down, turn the light back off, then crawl back into bed. Sounds like work to me, so I’ll pass. Plus, I keep my bedroom on the cold side, so once I’m in bed and all warm, I don’t get out of bed unless mother nature calls, or it’s just plain time to get up. I’m lazy that way.





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