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The Chain Writing Game ~~ Episode 28

Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Chain Writing game

Kerrie Ann Salsac has started a new writing game. This is the second week for it. It’s a great game! Click on Kerrie’s name to see the rest of the story so far!

Different writers work on the same story, Kerrie starts us off and then we go from there with our 100 word additions. Go visit her blog and see how it works and play along!

Click here to follow the rest of the story.


Helen’s shaky fingers slow on the keyboard as she glances behind her toward her husband. She never thought he would get involved, but she was proud of him.

She mutters under her breath, “He better live, damn it.”

She feels a hand on her shoulder and glances up towards Agent Kelly. Helen feels the squeeze and grits her teeth as her fingers once more fly on the keyboard.

Helen feels the hand leave her shoulder at the same time she hears Dennis cough. She silently wills him to live. Then she hears a feeble voice and her heart soars.


24 thoughts on “The Chain Writing Game ~~ Episode 28

    1. That’s what make this all work so well, everyone gets to blow up things, kill off people, or just get all romantic and gooey. hahaha! 🙂


    1. Hey Maddie! Wow, you are coming out of your cave?? haha! This is a fun game. When you have more time you need to look into it. Yes, I’m having a ball! 🙂 Got to keep warm somehow!


    1. There sure is a way! Go up to the sentence “click here to follow the rest of the story”. That will take to you everyone’s part. Just start reading from #1 to the last. 🙂

      I’m almost a popsicle. You would think I would be used to it, but the wind here at my new house is much worse than at the old, and it seems to go right through me.


      1. Yay! Thank you. Any temp under 30 degrees is too cold for me as anything over 80. I don’t ever remember city’s shutting down like they have this year. It’s amazing and I hope it’s once in a lifetime.


  1. Yay! I’m glad to see Dennis lives. Great episode, Jackie. I just hope that means Helen can concentrate now. I’m a tad concerned no one has found the jamming device yet. Without that, Helen has no control over the X-37B which is all that can stop the Chinese killer satellite. Yikers! I hope someone gets the jammer soon.


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