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My Day of Nothings

Hello People!

Well, today was a complete waste of time. For writing anyway. I got up this morning with the wind blowing so hard I thought it was going to take the roof off.

I made me a cup of coffee, sat down to my computer and thought about what I was going to blog about.

And nothing.

If there were any crickets alive in this weather you would have heard them.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Now it’s not often I can’t think of anything to write about. Thank the powers that be. Those powers must have been on a break this morning. Because I got nothing. Silence. Except the damn wind blowing outside my window.

So I drink a couple of cups of coffee, hoping they would thaw out my frozen mind. And nothing. Zip. Nada.

Okay, I think to myself. I’ll get dressed and maybe by then I’ll have thought of something. So that’s what I do. I get dressed and just let my mind wander, figuring that’s worked plenty of times before. Letting my mind wander has been good to me in the past for coming up with something.




I sit back down at the computer thinking to myself, well if I can’t come up with something to write, I’ll do some other paperwork I need to get finished. So that’s what I do. I get the paperwork all done and hit print. Annnddddddd…….. Nothing.

You got it. My printer wouldn’t print. Damn it! Now what!? I need these papers printed so I can give them to the government agency I’ve been dealing with for months. It has to be done today, because they have to be given to this government agency tomorrow. I just put brand new ink cartridges in the printer last week. So I take the next few hours and can’t get the darn printer to work. It. Just. Won’t. Print.

I go online to the manufacturerย website and they are no help. I do everything they tell me to do. Won’t work. They suggest taking it someplace to have it fixed. Yeah, right. Um, no, that is not going to happen. This printer is years old and it would cost more to fix than if I bought a new one. So guess what? Yup, off to Walmart, because they are the cheapest. I buy a nice brand new Canon printer and now have to set it up. Easy, peasy.

In the meantime the damn wind is blowing along with snow now. Yeah, fun times here in Canada land. The wind kicks up to 80 mph gusts. Wipes everything off my porch. The neighbors flashing comes off their house and blows in my back yard. A good strip, about 10 foot long piece is against my back fence. The snow pellets are blowing hard and I can hardly keep my footing. I drag the chairs and table back up to the porch and look at that long piece of flashing and say, the hell with it. Fight against the wind to get in my front door and tell myself, I am NOT going out in that again today!

So now here I sit, nothing written that I wanted to write. Hey! I do have this post though. I suppose that’s something. It’s late afternoon here now, so you know what I think I’m going to do for the rest of the day? Yup, you got it!




23 thoughts on “My Day of Nothings

  1. My printer died last week. I just ordered a new one Sunday. I was reading the reviews looking up the prices of ink and I need a fax. If I didn’t read the specifics on these all-in-one printers I may have brought one without a fax. Dealing with different doctors and agencies someone is always asking for something to be faxed. So that was an important function. I order an Epson. When I am lost for words to write I pull out the dictionary and find a word or two and use them to write. But for the past few days I’ve been cheating and re-posting old poems.


    1. I thought about re-posting then thought nah, I’ll just write about nothing. haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I had an epson, that’s the one that died, but it did last longer than most printers I’ve had. I got a Canon all in one printer this time. I like canon printers.


  2. I hate when you do a bunch of things and nothing is accomplished. I hope you were able to relax some the rest of your “nothing” day.


  3. Sometimes I like having a nothing day. In the midst of the nothing, I play some video games and watch television all evening. It seems to help recharge me for the next day. So I’m glad you had a nothing day – which really wasn’t a nothing day with doing paperwork, running to the store, fighting a snow hurricane, and writing a blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My printer is in the process of dying. It makes horrible plastic-clicking noises before it prints, and it locks up a lot. I suppose that comes from using it as a printing press when I print hard copies of books. Rich is getting a used printer/scanner/fax behemoth for me from work. I hate change. I just want a little HP or something. I don’t need a behemoth.


    1. Is this behemoth free? If not, then tell Rich you want a baby behemoth instead. haha! I had my printer for years, so it did me in good stead. Why do they always have to quit working when you need them the most? My printer was actually a gift from a very special friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In a round about way.


  4. ahh…sad times. Whenever I would ask my mother what she was making for supper, she would reply, “I’m making something out of nothing.” You did the same! Your nothing was something!


  5. You wrote my post – I mean the one I should have written any of these past few days ๐Ÿ™‚ There was simply not. a. thing. I hope the storm quiets down soon for you guys. And please stay warm! A big hug!


  6. (And nothing will happen to that flashing, so it might as well stay there for a bit.)
    You’ve had some serious wind…guess it’s headed this way -a rather mild day but a little while ago the wind started up again. My sister-in-law in West TX says it’s hard to keep her truck going down the road. Nothing’s helping. (Maybe I should chunk that rock in the last picture into her pickup bed. It looks pretty solid for nothing!)
    Fun post that first picture look so much like the nothing that shows up sometimes!


    1. Well that’s what I thought about the flashing. We are suppose to get wind like that all week, it’s enough to drive you crazy. It’s quiet for now, so I will enjoy it while I can. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. For a change we had nice weather. As long as I was protected from the wind I was even comfortable without a coat. Even sat outside barefoot a few minutes. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a treat. Sorry you are having such bad weather, but please don’t send it my way I need a break from this winter.

    So does the new printer work?


    1. But I wanted to share my weather bounty with you Lois! Now who am I going to send it to? haha! ๐Ÿ™‚
      The new printer works like a champ and it’s super fast! Cheap and easy, just like me! Wait a minute. I didn’t say that did I?
      How are you doing? Besides enjoying the nice weather. (which I’m totally jealous of)


      1. Jackie, I am doing great and sorry to rub in what great weather we had today. Don’t feel bad it’s not going to last. We are heading for another cold snap by the end of the week.

        So you are cheap and easy? Did I hear that right? ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t think so!


  8. Sorry about no story coming to you and your printer going out on you. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day doing nothing. Hugs


  9. Jackie, you make me laugh. I was feeling a bit blue till I read this. We don’t have wind, just dense fog and it’s cold. Brrrrr! I have a lot of days that start out with good intentions and end up with NOTHING accomplished. I know the printer predicament. I bought a brand new Kodak when I moved in here. Gave the HP to my sister so her daughter could print homework. Wish I kept it and given her the Kodak. Just when I needed to scan and fax papers to the realtor to sell my house in AZ, it stopped working. Had to go to a place and get it done. Printers decide when they want to work as do computers. I can type this much of a comment, and in a millisecond, it vanishes. Wind messes with my ions or whatever. Makes me feel out of sorts. My son has wind constantly at his house. I’ll take the cold and fog, thank you very much. You did a good job of making something out of nothing.:)


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