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Friday Fictioneers ~~ Jan 17, 2014

Whew! I didn’t think I was going to make it this week. Yesterday my computer died on me. Well, didn’t die, die, it was more like had dying fits. Scared the crap out of me as I cannot afford a new one!

So I finally had to ‘refresh’ my computer all the way back to when I first bought it. Yup, had to clean it out right down to the bare bones. Then I had to re-add all my apps, programs, browser and anything else I feel was necessary to my little world. What a pain in the ass! Took me all dang day!

Still haven’t gotten everything back yet either. I finally ran out of steam last night, my eyes were crossing and my head was hurting. So today I thought I would add back as I need it. So far my computer is running like brand new.  Well, it’s been having problems for a couple of months now. I foolishly it seems, installed windows 8.1 (I had windows 8) and ever since I did that my computer would not work right. My printer died and my virus program would not do its job. Nothing but issues, issues, issues.

So I would suggest to anyone who has windows 8, leave it alone. Do NOT install windows 8.1, as it messes things up. Of course I failed to read all the forums and articles about windows 8.1 before I installed it. It seems it’s a common complaint that things fail to work after installing it.

Anyway, enough of my whining. On to the Friday Fictioneers! You all know the drill, go visit our hostess’s website Addicted to Purple and read the few rules we writers try to follow. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is our hostess and puts up the picture we are to write our 100 word story about. Great fun with great writers!

This week’s photo is:

Copyright – Erin Leary
Copyright – Erin Leary


Genre: Horror? (100 words)


The moon was full, bright, even behind the clouds.

Standing behind a huge barren tree, Michael watches the glints on the water. The myth was every 13 years when the full moon rises, the witch of Kagir shows herself and waits for the man who promised to wed her.

Michael was fascinated with this story and wanted to see the witch himself. It was an obsession. Glancing at his watch he saw it was 12:13.

Hearing a low keening behind him, he turns and sees the witch. He stumbles  as she beckons him forward.

A poster in town, several months later.

“Missing: Michael Morrey”

52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~~ Jan 17, 2014

  1. Well, you know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat. 😉

    I always look at the picture and try to gather my first impression before reading your take on it. Today I just smiled. I knew it could only go creepy. Nice job, Jackie.

    So glad to hear you have your computer back up and running. We’ve scrubbed hard drives before, and although a pain in the rump, they do scream with efficiency after. Definitely only put back the things you must have, and be careful about outdated software. The last time I had to reinstall, I added an old program that I used all the time, but it messed up my registry on the re-install, and we had to start over. Grrr.


    1. Maggie! I still owe you that email! I’ve got lots to say girl so be prepared for a long one. 🙂

      Thanks. I’m just adding what I need at the time. Oh I’ve scrubbed hard drives before and it’s always a slow process. It’s just I added windows 8.1 when I shouldn’t have. Not doing that again! Plus a good cleaning out doesn’t hurt, it’s just it put me behind on some things. Eh, I’m over it now, I think. 😉


  2. That’s what he gets for being nosy. 🙂 Loved it. Just had to end that way. Thanks for the warning about 8.1. I HATE windows 8 so there is no way I’m upgrading the problem. I’ve never scrubbed a hard drive but my kids have had to do a bit of refining for me. I’m so lucky they are geeks.:) Stay warm and thanks for shaking my brain loose.


  3. Another good one Jackie! He knew how it would end, I’m positive…but he just had to do it 🙂
    Happy your computer works again! I still have windows 7, haven’t upgraded to 8 and it works like magic.


    1. Well of course he had to find that witch, foolish man. 🙂

      I went from windows xp to windows 8. Was a learning curve for me. Never, ever do windows 8.1! I got it all fixed and keeping fingers and toes crossed.


      1. I know it’s frustrating when you have to restore to factory settings and then rebuild all your apps and stuff. But believe me it even worse when the whole thing crashes on you and you lose all your files. That happened to me many years ago and I could not salvage anything, zip. Now I always have 2 backups of my files. Learning the hard way 🙂


        1. Ouch! That has happened to me too tiny a few times in the beginning when I was just learning. Now I have important stuff backed up on flash drives. 🙂 As you say, learning the hard way.


  4. Great spooky story! I wonder if he was “the one” and now married to the witch, or if he wasn’t and he’s now in a watery grave!

    Sorry about your computer. We needed a Windows 8 machine at work for testing purposes. I’ve configured everything from XP to Server 2008 with no problem, but you should have heard my swearing with this one little Windows 8 machine! I nearly threw it through a wall 🙂 . I never want to see Windows 8 again 😦


    1. Well he could have been the one, or not. 😉

      I am hating windows 8 myself right now. I am still having problems! Ugh, I’m ready to take a hammer to it!


      1. I had to purchase my laptop from Dell’s small business site in order to get Windows 7 (I need it for programming as well so Windows 8 wasn’t really going to work for me).

        I’m wondering now if the witch takes a new husband every 13 years when she appears. (I like all the “13s” by the way!)


        1. Oh that’s a great angle! Takes a new husband every 13 years. I like that. maybe she wears them out by then? ha! You are the first one that caught the 13’s. Good eye!


  5. Dear Jackie, I’m new and enjoyed your story i a lot. Creepy Good! I got a new computer about 2 years ago that had Windows 8 on it. I’m sorry, but I really, really, really hated it. I’m old and couldn’t figure it out so my husband, and boys took 8 off and put 7 on and now I’m a happy camper. Supposedly 8.1 is better but I’m not going there. Anyway, Michael is gone forever because he was too curious. Hope the witch is happy and doesn’t have to come back in another 13 years! Thanks, Nan


  6. Hi Jackie, I’m new but loved your story. Michael was too curious and I hope that Witch Kagir is satisfied and happy now. Good story! By the way, I HATE windows 8 – it was on my computer when I bought it so, after a year of potty mouth talk (I do it all the time), he took it off and put 7 on it. Now I’m happy wife! Gotta go to a grandsons basketball game -Nan


    1. Hi Nan and welcome to Friday Fictioneers. It’s a fun group and very talented. I’m sure you will fit in just fine.

      Yes, Michael was way to curious, but I don’t think the witch is ever happy for long.

      I don’t mind windows 8 once I got used to it, just never got to windows 8.1, as it’s a pain in the butt!

      Have a great weekend and I’m sure I’ll see you around!


  7. It’s so nice to have the time back to visit you, I missed your short stories.

    I’ve heard microsoft is coming out with a windows 9 because of all the complaints surrounding windows 8. I have 8 and wish I could replace it but I’m learning to live with it as I don’t have the know-how to change it and fear I would mess it up by trying, leaving me with a non-working computer.


  8. YES! I love this story – it leaves just enough for the imagination to run wild 😀

    One thing that really irks me is computer issues – I feel your pain, Jackie 😦


  9. Sorry to hear about your computer Jackie. I bet you are glad you were able to take care of the problem though and you didn’t have to get a new one. Hugs


  10. Dear Jackie,

    I think your intro is more the horror story this week. I’m still happy with Windows 7 on my desktop and the now ancient XP on my netbook.
    Glad you’re up and running.

    Well, Michael wanted to see the witch, didn’t he? Be careful what you wish for. Good one.




  11. Nice ‘Gothic’ take on the story Jackie. I like the use of the time: 12:13. It made me shudder – recently I’ve been waking in the night and looking at the clock it’s registered: 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. I keep telling people that as soon as it registers 6:66 I’m calling in an exorcist!

    I bought a new computer in November running Windows 8. I was invited to upgrade to 8.1 and it’s fine. But that might be because it’s a new computer. I don’t keep documents/images on it, just on hard drives. I have 2 hard drives with back ups on so I don’t lose anything if there’s a crash. I’ve learnt the hard way to back up! Changing computers is such an upheaval!



    1. Thanks Ann. I always wake up at 3:33, wonder if there’s something to that? If you have a clock that will say 6:66 I would call an exorcist too! Yikes!

      I think I’ve finally got my computer fixed, just it took me more than a week. Whew, what a pain. I do usually have it backed up, this time I didn’t, wouldn’t you know it.


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