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My Contribute to a Week of Silliness

Today I am stepping way out of my writing comfort zone, so please bear with me. The wonderful Matticus Kingdom has a tug-of-war game going on. I have foolishly agreed to play along as I missed the last game. 

Plus, I think the blogging world has been a bit down lately, too much drama, too much sadness. So this tug-of-war game was announced to put a bit of silliness in our world. Sometimes, silliness is a good thing. Hey, I can be silly too! Really, I can. I hope. Ha-ha.

So what’s the game you ask? Great question! Matticus in all his wisdom, plus a bit from rara and Kim has issued this tug-of-war question. Being it’s ‘tug-of-war’ that does mean a person needs to pick a side. Here’s the question: Which universe of superheroes (and villains) is superior: Marvel or DC?

Well, if anyone knows me they see my dilemma. I don’t know comics! I don’t read them, I don’t watch the TV shows, I don’t watch the movies! What am I to do? I’ll tell you what I do, RESEARCH! It’s one of my best qualities. I love research, so off I went into the wide, wide world of the internet to do some research on superheroes and villains of the comics Marvel and DC. I’ll tell you this much people, comic people take their comics seriously! There are endless debates and stories on what the differences are between the two and what makes one better over the other.

I’ll try my best to break it down for you, then I’ll let you know which side I’m taking on this debate.

source Marvel comics


Let’s look at their universe’s first. Marvel seems to be more based in reality, where DC is larger than life. Their heroes are in different worlds, so to speak. Take Superman, he tries to save the world or universe, whereas Spiderman just tries to survive in a working man’s world. 

Marvel characters have more flaws personally than DC’s. Wonder Woman (DC) is an Amazon who flies in an invisible plane and has the lasso of truth. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man (Marvel) is a billionaire and an alcoholic.

DC usually uses bigger super powers. For example, Superman has multiple superpowers, strength, vision, etc. Where Marvel superheroes usually have just one. Like the Hulk with his super strength. It also looks like DC uses more magic and that it affects their characters more often. Marvel usually focuses on light science fiction, where DC’s plots are more heavy science fiction to the way out there stuff.

Many people believe Marvel makes the better movies. I couldn’t say, as I don’t usually watch movies, but this is what my research is saying.

Many of the main Marvel characters were made for teams (the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers). Then you have DC’s main characters who were stand alone superheroes, or just had one partner.

Then, as I can see, most Marvel superheroes have super powers that can be easily explained. “Storm controls the weather and can fly” vs. “Superman is super tough, fast, has eye-rays, ice breath, incredible senses, the ability to fly, and can (at times) go back in time and erase memories.”  “The Thing is super tough” vs. “Wonderwoman is super tough, can fly, and can force honesty.”  Spiderman is an agile webslinger that can sense danger.  Batman is a master detective, ninja, martial artist, gadgeteer and scientist that makes NASCAR look like go-karts.

source    DC comic heros
source DC comic heros

Marvel usually uses real locations (like NY city) whereas DC uses make-believe cities.

As for the villains, my  research has come up with this conclusion, Marvel villains outscored DC’s. As for me, I don’t know. A villain is a villain in my book.

So now for the big question! Whose side am I on?

Hell if I know. So I’m going to toss a coin. That’s fair, right? Right!?? Ok, here goes. Heads it’s Marvel, tails it’s DC. One, two, three, TOSS!

And the winner is!!!


(I did explain I didn’t know crap about comics)



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34 thoughts on “My Contribute to a Week of Silliness

    1. Thanks. haha, It was interesting to put together. But after all that research I still had no idea who to vote for, hence the coin toss. 🙂


      1. Hahaha! I actually appreciated all of your research. I’m out of the loop when it comes to today’s comics, too. My comics were from the 60’s and told the adventures of Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty. Good job tossing the coin – even it didn’t land for Robert Downey, Jr. 🙂


    1. Um are you saying I have no brains?!! Maddie!!! hahahaha. I even saw Iron Man, one of very few movies I saw, but the coin toss doesn’t lie my friend. 🙂


  1. I like them all. With an older brother who collected comics and a younger cousin who collected comics if I was in need of something to read well they were as good as any. Can’t tell you who’s a Marvel or DC character but I do likes the X-Men, SpiderMan and Superman.


  2. Great research! I know bupkiss about comics, like you. The most I read were Archie and Veronica comics if it was laying in front of me somewhere. Never spent a nickle on them. Now my grown son, likes his comics. Don’t know which but he has a small collection. You know more now that before you started. I liked watching the Hulk when it was a series and Wonder Woman. I like to see the good person beat the bad. I’m also happy to try silly when given the opportunity. It’s good for you.


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