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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

This week in WordPress’s  weekly writing challenge. We are to write what we observe on our lunch break. As I ‘work’ (work is relative here) from home, I don’t see a lot of different things or people. So I’m going to have to come up with something more creative.

Being a diabetic, I try to stay on a schedule for my meals, as it is easier to control my blood sugars this way. So I usually take a break from my writing about noon or 1:00 to have lunch. Also, I always have it at my desk, sometimes I combine lunch with reading blog posts or doing other paperwork. But on rare occasions I just sit back, gaze out my window and have a leisurely lunch and daydream.

Sam (my dog) is always with me, sometimes begging for a handout. Most times sleeping on his oversized pillow.

The view from my window is the back of the property, past the fence is nothing but open fields and coolies. I’ve always spotted something moving out there. I’ve seen hawks, geese, magpies and various other birds. Once in a while I spot a cat from one of the other homes slinking through the tall grass in search of something to stalk. One day I hope I’ll see deer, or a moose. I’ve heard coyotes out there at night and once I could have sworn I heard wolves as they have a different howl than coyotes. I know it spooked Sam.

I love nature and looking out that window is so peaceful and relaxing. I have to force myself to get back on the computer and do something constructive. It’s nice to know I have that to look at if I need some recharging during the day. It’s certainly one of the perks of living more out in the country.

Here’s a little poem that I wrote about my view from the window.



My window is my view of the world of nature

Hawks swoop down and around seeking food

Tall grass bends with the cold winter winds

Solace and peace fill my heart as my mind relaxes its hold on stress

Recharged, energized, revitalized

Ready to face what comes next

My window  world of Zen.

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