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Share My World ~ 2014 (Week 5)

Hello people! Hope your day is going great!

I’m trying something new today. I’ve decided to join Cee’s challenge of Share Your World. You can find her blog here.  It’s a wonderful way of getting to  know someone. It sounded fun, so I’m giving it a go.

That and I was stumped on what to write today. Hey! At least I’m honest! I always did like a challenge.


Also, please read part one of The Cat People of Kagir. It’s a collaboration between me and Michael of Morpethroad. A few weeks ago we got the brilliant idea to combine our talents on writing this story from seeing how our Friday Fictioneer stories of that week were of a similar thread. Emails flew between us fast and furiously in putting this bigger story together. Tomorrow I will be posting part 2. So please, go visit Michael and read what happens when you put together a man from Australia and a woman from Canada, who have vivid imaginations about mists, manors and mayhem.


Now for Cee’s Share Your World questions.

If you had a choice to live anywhere would be your preference salt water beaches, forest, fresh water lakes, hot tub, ski resort or desert?

I have always had a love for forests. Then again, I’ve always felt so welcomed at the lakes. So I’m going to have to combine the two. If I had the choice and the money to do it with I would live in the forest next to a lake. I would have a cozy little cabin, surrounded by trees and with a beautiful serene lake to gaze upon. I found early in life that my thoughts would wander when I was in a forest or sitting on a dock on a lake. My mind would build fantastic worlds with wonderful, colorful characters. I would sit for hours when I was a child on the dock of the lake when we would go for family vacations. I would daydream and build my worlds where I could do anything or be anyone. Ah, I would so love to be back there again.

What was your favorite toy as a child. . . And now?

I’m not sure if I had a favorite toy when I was a child. My siblings and I never had many toys, as we were on the poor side. I do remember one though, and I think I’ve talked about it before. Once Christmas I received from Santa a large doll. She was as tall as I was! You could dress her up and comb her hair. She was my playmate for quite some time.

very close to what I remember
very close to what I remember

As for now? I would have to say my computer is my favorite toy. I can find out about anything, talk with friends, and write stories! So yes, I would have to say my computer.

Which do you prefer, sweet, salty or both at the same time? 

I am going to choose sweet on this one. Of course, being a diabetic I can’t really have sweets. In the same sense being a diabetic I sometimes crave sweets. The trick is not to give into the cravings. Yeah. Bummer. I don’t like salty things, so I know that is out for sure.

Now give me a piece of cheese and I’m happy. I love cheese!

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

Growing up in Wisconsin and now living in Canada one could presume I enjoy snowy winters. And I do. I lived in Texas for many years and just never got used to the dry, brown winters. Now if only I could figure out how to get snowy winters, but have warm weather. Then it would be the perfect place for me!

Why do I prefer snow? Well, its beautiful for one. When it comes slowly floating down, flakes as big as saucers, piling up on the ground. The sun comes shining through the clouds and the piles of snow look like diamonds glittering. Watching Sam, my little dog enjoying himself running through the snow. His nose down, his tail wagging, plowing up little ruts till his face looks like it’s been dipped in sugar.

Driving on it is sometimes scary, but it still doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of snow. The best way to enjoy it? Indoors with a nice cup of coffee, warm slippers on my feet, just sitting and being toasty warm yet watching the snow turn everything white. Like a giant canvas waiting for life’s brushes of color.

Perfection! source
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The Cat People of Kagir Manor – Part 1

Hello people!
Today I have a special treat for everyone! This is part one of a story Michael at Morphethroad and I have done over the last week or so. Give it a read and stay tuned for more all this week. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Michael on this story. Hope you all enjoy our joint efforts!



Michael received this poster in his letterbox:



Kagir Manor

The 13th Anniversary of the Witch Of Kagir.

You and friends are invited to attend a special event.

Please assemble at the entrance to Kagir Manor Road, 6pm

Saturday 23rd.


Michael thought the brochure was special as it named him specifically. So he contacted the boys to tell them, inviting them over to show them his personal invitation.

They thought it was a great publicity gag that someone was throwing and as they had nothing else to do they organized to meet at the appointed time.

Their journey into the misty evening was to be marked by adventure. They like everyone in the town had heard rumours that Kagir Manor was the home of the Cat People, a myth they all thought, as there had never been any proof found to support this claim.

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