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The Cat People of Kagir Manor ~~ Part 2






The Cat People of Kagir Manor – Part 2

(If you haven’t read part one, you can read it here on Michael’s blog. (No relation to the character in the story)



And now here they were. Face to face with the Witch of Kagir Manor. She was as imposing as the legend said and she was at this very moment in his face.

 Her voice had an amazing allure to it. You couldn’t help but be drawn in by the tone in her voice. It was as if she was talking only to you and all you could do was allow her voice to wash over you.

 But more than that was the touching, her hands so lightly caressing and like the cat, she so resembled, she curled around you, her hands taking in every aspect of your shape. All the while she appeared to be purring, but it was more than that, it was spellbinding, they knew at that moment they were helpless against her.

 Catfranka, the witch, had a beauty that magnified the closer she got to you. Each of the men found themselves mesmerized by her.

 She had long flowing white hair, large cat shaped emerald eyes, fair of face and svelte of body. Long and lean, like the cats she favoured. Her disciples, the cat people gazed on her with intense devotion. Whether she put a spell on them or it was from the heart was undetermined. 

 As she walked away, Michael felt somehow abandoned, his heart beat fast and his eyes didn’t leave her.

 Catfranka walked slowly up the stairs on her right, the cat men flanking her. She stopped and turned and the men below her had to raise their heads to watch her. 

  “You will be my honoured guests. My people will show you to your rooms. Please, don’t be afraid, I mean you no harm.”

 She smiled a small smile that spoke volumes about her intention. On the one hand, benevolent, on the other you had the sense that this woman was not to be trusted.

 “If you mean us no harm, then why can’t we leave?” One of the men, Roger, asked.

 She stared at Roger, an insipid man, with her bright green eyes till he lowered his head. They all waited for her to speak. Michael was suddenly afraid for his friend. 

 Softly, with a purr tone resonating, she asked, “Do you want to leave?”

 There was a hush in the hall as all eyes were on Roger. They waited for what seemed like hours, but was just a minute or so. Finally, Roger raised his head once more.

 “No, I don’t think I do want to leave.”

 The smile that Catfranka let touch her lips was full of satisfaction. 

 “I didn’t think so.” 

 She turned and walked gracefully up the steps and through a door. Michael and his friends looked at each other and they all wondered. What next?


This story is a collaboration between Michael at Morpethroad and myself. It began when we realized our Friday Fictioneer stories


Had a common ground and decided to try our hand at writing a story from this base. So this is the fruit of our labors, a lot of fun and always a pleasant exercise.

Part 3 will continue the story tomorrow on Michael’s blog. Please keep reading and we love comments! Thank you.



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  1. I’m having the same thoughts as Patricia…leave now, run, run very fast.
    This is an intriguing story Jackie. Michael, I hope you’re writing fast to get part 3 finished 🙂


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