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Friday Fictioneers ~~ Feb 14, 2014

Yes, yes, I know it’s only Wednesday, but I have a busy schedule this week and I didn’t want to miss anything. And as Janet has so nicely provided the picture (great one at that), I wanted to get my story in.

Now most of you know the drill by now. We take a picture and write a 100 word story about that picture. It’s great fun and it helps to tighten your writing, so it’s a win-win challenge! If you would like to join us, just click on our hostess’s name, that would be Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and you can read the few rules we try to uphold. 

If you just want to read more great stories based from the same photo, click here and there you are! Read, enjoy, comment!

copyright Janet Webb
copyright Janet Webb


Gazing at her painting, he thought he captured her allure. His lady in red. His lady in distress.

Blonde hair piled high, red lips with just a hint of pout, a true beauty.

She told of a husband that didn’t love her, a stifling of life that didn’t suit her.

With a shimmer of tears in her eyes, she said she needed to be free.

He agreed to free her of her burdens, for a price.

Sipping the Sangria she loved so much, he wondered how she fared in prison.

As he was the undercover cop who put her there.