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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

For this weeks Photo Challenge, they ask, what do I treasure. They want us to show in pictures, what we treasure.

I treasure a lot of things. But I didn’t want to just show ‘things’. Because I treasure so much in life.

Mother nature, even though she seems to be having major anger issues lately, is to be treasured in all her beauty. I treasure my dog Sam, as he is my constant companion and confidant. I treasure good friends. I also treasure a few family heirlooms I’ve gotten. Gifts from friends and family, some of these are to be treasured. Experiences in life can be treasured.

So I decided to try to capture all these things that I, personally treasure.







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Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Remember your first crush? Think about that very first object of your affection. Oh, the sweaty palms. The swoony feeling in your stomach. Tell us the story of your first crush. What was it about this person that made your heart pound? Was the love requited? Change the names to protect the guilty or innocent if you must! No judgement here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SMITTEN.

Of course it being Valentine’s Day today the daily prompt has to be about love of some sorts. First crushes to be exact. Ah, those first young loves are always special are they not? Mine was probably in the third or fourth grade. His name was Roy, and he had the cutest dimples. Blonde and blue-eyed, he was too. Such a cutie. One summer he moved away and I never saw him again. So sad.

Well, that was my story. Not very interesting, but then most loves at that age aren’t I supposed. So many years ago.

As I’m being a bit lazy today, I decided I would honor first loves by including some old-fashioned Valentines. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WISHES.

Today’s daily post prompt is about wishes. We get three of them. Lucky us! Would I like some wishes to come true? Sure, who doesn’t? Today though I don’t think I’ll share what my wishes would be. A lady needs some secrets, it keeps the mystery alive. Ha!

Instead, I thought I’d dip my fingers into the realms of poems again. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

‘But Jackie! You don’t do poems, at least not very well.’

And you would be right! But, (there is always a but somewhere), but, if I don’t practice how am I to do better? Right? So guess what, you all will be my test audience. I thank you for participating. Ha! As if you have a choice.


Three wishes I put into a jar

I flung them in the ocean

And watched from afar

As they floated out towards distance shores

Where will they end, these wishes I wished

I have no clue, but I wished them the best

Maybe they will float to the end of the world

Where a stranger will see them and give them a whirl

He’ll open my jar that I threw long ago

Read my wishes and give them a go

For you see, my wishes that I wished

And stuck in that jar that fateful day

Were hopes and prayers for better ways

For the people of this world to smile and love

To give out their hugs and say

I found three wishes this day

They were in a jar from far away

This woman from distant shores

Gave her wishes to the ocean floors

To sweep them far and wide

So whoever found them could give them with pride

Those three wishes that were brought with the tide

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Friday Fictioneers ~~ Feb 14, 2014

Yes, yes, I know it’s only Wednesday, but I have a busy schedule this week and I didn’t want to miss anything. And as Janet has so nicely provided the picture (great one at that), I wanted to get my story in.

Now most of you know the drill by now. We take a picture and write a 100 word story about that picture. It’s great fun and it helps to tighten your writing, so it’s a win-win challenge! If you would like to join us, just click on our hostess’s name, that would be Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, and you can read the few rules we try to uphold. 

If you just want to read more great stories based from the same photo, click here and there you are! Read, enjoy, comment!

copyright Janet Webb
copyright Janet Webb


Gazing at her painting, he thought he captured her allure. His lady in red. His lady in distress.

Blonde hair piled high, red lips with just a hint of pout, a true beauty.

She told of a husband that didn’t love her, a stifling of life that didn’t suit her.

With a shimmer of tears in her eyes, she said she needed to be free.

He agreed to free her of her burdens, for a price.

Sipping the Sangria she loved so much, he wondered how she fared in prison.

As he was the undercover cop who put her there.

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Daily Prompt: I Did it My Way

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Describe the one decision in your life where you wish you could get a “do-over.” Tell us about the decision, and why you’d choose to take a different path this time around.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ITERATION.


So today I thought I would have a bit of fun with the daily prompt. Instead of reading about things I might have done in the past that I wish I could do over. (Which are very few for me) I’d give you some fun things to read, that fits the criteria of ITERATION. The definition of iteration is:  1. The act of repeating; a repetition.

So based from that definition I thought it might be fun to read some literature or poems that fit the definition of iteration, as in a repetition. I know, I’m loosely following the idea of the prompt, but hey, I can do it if I want. I’m such a rebel! They did say do it our way.



Because I do not hope to turn again

Because I do not hope

Because I do not hope to turn

Desiring this man’s gift and that man’s scope

I no longer strive to strive towards such things

(Why should the agèd eagle stretch its wings?)

Why should I mourn

The vanished power of the usual reign?

T.S. Eliot


And then there is good old Mother Goose……


Piping hot, smoking hot.
What I’ve got
You have not.
Hot gray pease, hot, hot, hot;
Hot gray pease, hot.



To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again, jiggety jog.
To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done.


And then of course there is Dr Seuss……..

Waiting for the fish to bite
Or waiting for wind to fly a kite.
Or waiting around for Friday night
Or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake
Or a pot to boil or a better break
Or a string of pearls or a pair of pants
Or a wig with curls or another chance.
Everyone is just waiting.
~Dr. Seuss





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Daily Post: Take That, Rosetta!

If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in any language you don’t currently speak, which would it be? Why? What’s the first thing you do with your new linguistic skills?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TONGUE.

Ah, I love languages, all of them. I think our world is so blessed in many ways to have so many different languages spoken. The Daily Post for today is all about languages and which ones we want to learn.

I know exactly which language I would love to be fluent in. The language of my Native American ancestors. I’m half Potawatomi Indian. I look like my German father, though. But inside, my heart, my soul is Native American.

It’s so sad that so many Native American languages have become instinct. A lot of them are passed down through the elders to the young. Unfortunately the young don’t seem to want to learn. Such a shame. Some Native American languages don’t have a written one, just oral. Luckily Potawatomi language has both.

Potawatomi (also spelled Pottawatomie; in Potawatomi Bodéwadmimwen or Bodéwadmi Zheshmowen or Neshnabémwen) is a CentralAlgonquian language and is spoken around the Great Lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as in Kansas in the United States, and in southern Ontario in Canada, by 1300 Potawatomi people, all elderly. There is currently an effort underway to revive the language.

So for my first lesson I will learn how to say; Today is Monday ~~ Ngot gizhget ngom.

If you go to the link that I included in the sentence you will be able to hear what it sounds like.

Then of course there is just good old English. I have yet to conquer ‘proper English’. haha!



What languages do you wish you could know overnight? 







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The Cat People of Kagir Manor – Part 7

Hello people! Here is the last installment of the Cat People of Kagir Manor! Let us know what you think!



If you haven’t read the other parts you can find them here:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

Part 6

As light from the weak sun filtered through the window of the room, Michael rose and woke the other men. He gathered them in the back corner where he was certain they could not be heard from the bugs in the room. He explained to them just what was going to happen.

He told them what Kali had said and showed them the potion that one of them would be drinking to save his life. Roger was the most vocal and had to be calmed down several times by the others. It only confirmed Michael’s earlier thoughts about who was going to escape.

His other three friends agreed after some debate. Roger was in a bit of a snit because of their assessment of his…

View original post 860 more words

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The Whimsy Paintings of TJ Lubrano

I received a much awaited package in the mail yesterday. All the way from the Netherlands! It was just a small package, but filled with such beauty and wonderful whimsy.

In it was a small original painting by artist TJ Lubrano. She is one awesome painter and a beautiful young lady, inside and out. Just chatting with her on the internet whether on Facebook or on her blog makes you smile. She’s full of life and love and lots of talent.

I fell in love with her paintings from the moment I saw one. I coveted one as my own and now I finally have one!

(c) TJ Lubrano
(c) TJ Lubrano


Go give her blog a look and tell her Jackie sent you! You will be impressed with her talent, then you will be bowled over by her bubbly personality. She herself is a work of art.

Thank you TJ, I hope to acquire many more of your wonderful works of art. Much love to you!

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The Cat People of Kagir Manor ~~ Part 6

The Cat People of Kagir Manor ~~ Part 6


If you haven’t read the other parts you can find them here:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

Part five

What was Kali warning him of exactly and why?

You have one opportunity to escape Michael, but only one of you will be successful. As a group you will have to make a difficult choice.”

Michael could imagine the ensuing conversation when he told the others what Kali imparted to him just now. He thought Roger was sure to go into a complete panic. The last thing they would want is a panicky man in a beige body suit, not a good sight at all.

Those of you who do not make it will become like me. Our lives are one of servitude Michael. We receive nothing but abuse from the Cats, some of us who have challenged their authority have met with horrible deaths.”

What happens when your time is up?” Michael asked.

As I said we are ’reborn’ as Catfranka likes to call it or if we are ‘stale’, we are thrown into the pit where the Cats draw lots to see who gets to kill us, and you’ve seen cats play with their prey Michael, it is not a pretty sight.” Kali shuddered at the thought.

When will all this happen Kali?”

Tomorrow is a ‘reborn’ day and I know there are at least five Purrs who will not be reborn. That means you five will become Purrs.”

With that being said, Kali led Michael back to his room and silently left again.

Michael lay down on top of his cot after Kali slipped away. His mind was full of questions and denials and fear. Fear for his friends, as he was the one who convinced them to come with him to this crazy Manor. Now what was he to do? How was he supposed to choose who lives and who dies?

Kali was quite firm in that only one of them were to live, only one of them was to escape this madhouse. Michael knew that he was not going to be the one to survive. He couldn’t do that to his friends. He would accept his fate as well as he could. If he had not been fascinated with the tale of the Witch they all would be safe at home, perhaps lifting a brew at the local hangout. Now he had a choice to make. One of life and death.

He thought of each of his friends with fondness. They had not blamed him for their trouble, except maybe Roger. But then Roger complained about everything. The others just took it in stride because they were mostly like Michael himself.

They made their decision and dealt with it the best they could. Roger though, was known for his complaints and over the top stories. Not that Roger was a liar exactly. Just that he liked to embellish his stories a bit too much. With Roger himself as the hero, of course. 

Michael’s mind suddenly clicked. He knew who he was going to save. Roger! The decision was really quite easy once he thought it through. Michael didn’t want someone who was going to tell what happened here and be believed! Why? Simple really.

If they were believed, Michael thought, they would search for the others. They would search for the Manor and Catfranka and Michael couldn’t let that happen! If Roger was the one that lived and he told his story, no one would believe him. No one would come searching. No one else would have to die.

As for him and his other four friends. People would simply think they had run off to the big city like they always threatened they would. Their families would miss them of course. They would even look for them, but not in the marsh and not in the woods where the Manor hid.


This story is a collaboration between Michael at Morpethroad and Jackie at To Breath Is To Write. It began when we realized our Friday Fictioneer stories


Had a common ground and decided to try our hand at writing a story from this base. So this is the fruit of our labors, a lot of fun and always a pleasant exercise.

Part 7 (which is the final part) continues tomorrow on Michael’s blog. Please come back! We also love comments so don’t be shy! Don’t miss the ending!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

For this challenge, snap a selfie with your camera phone or camera. Feel free to get creative and clever, and if you don’t want to share a photo of yourself, think of a way to approach this challenge in a different way. This is the new Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress. Do a selfie.

As the only selfie I have done is the photo on my avatar, I decided to be a little bit more creative with mine. I did mine in comic form. That’s a selfie, right? I have done comics before for my series “Sam and Me” so I thought, that would make a different kind of selfie. Here it is!

It’s been really cold here, like -30C (-15F) and taking Sam out for his potty breaks is a challenge. Poor little guy, sometimes he is just as frozen as the snow. Here are mine and Sam’s selfie.



**Please click on pic to enlarge**





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The Cat People of Kagir Manor – Part 5

The story continues with Part 5 today!


The Cat People of Kagir Manor

Part 5


If you haven’t read the other parts you can find them here:

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part 4 –

After a short time, the door opened and in came the Purrs. They were pushing a large trolley on which was a variety of dishes, some steaming hot, others appearing to be cold.

They pushed the trolley into the centre of the room, then stood back as if expecting a rush to be made on the food.

The men looked curiously at the fare before them.

Never before had they seen food of this kind. The plates were adorned with foods of the brightest colours as if the chef had painted every dish a different colour.

Some appeared to be a meat of some kind, others were very vegetable in appearance and some were a food the men had never…

View original post 1,500 more words

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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words ~~ Juanita’s Joy

This weeks WordPress weekly writing challenge: We are to take one picture and write 1000 words about the picture. The one I chose is below. Why did I choose this one? Because it’s bright, cheerful and full of color. And it was challenging trying to figure out what I would write.

I did come up with a short story, I hope you enjoy.

Source: Cheri Lucas Rowlands
Source: Cheri Lucas Rowlands


Juanita trudged up another hill, carrying her paints and brushes in sack over her back. No one seemed to know Juanita’s exact age, not even Juanita herself. She had been orphaned at a very early age, left to fend for herself in a hard climate, sparsely populated.

Today her gray hair was swept back in a ponytail, her clothes ragged but clean. Her face lined by the harsh sun until you couldn’t distinguish one line from another. Her toothless mouth wide in a smile of pure joy. She loved her life, hard as it was. She knew nothing else, so was content with what  she had.

She taught herself to paint  early in life after she found a few used brushes and paints behind a small shop. Years passed and she became better and better at her chosen work. She sold a few paintings to the frequent tourists to provide food, clothing and her precious paints and brushes.

One day she saw an old abandoned building, sitting alone and forgotten. In her mind, she saw a blank canvas, a beginning of something beautiful. So she started her painting. She loved her old town, the people in it as they had been kind to her all her life. She wanted to give something back and all she had were her paints and her imagination.

She wanted to give the old building life again. With her vivid blues, reds, yellows, greens and purples she painted from sunrise to sunset. Soon the townspeople began to come and watch her paint. They would drop off pitchers of water and baskets of food.

They watched her paint and sometimes heard her sing softly to herself as she painted life into something that was left for dead. That building even got a new person to live in it, as Juanita painted a man in the window content with his work.

When someone saw she had run out of a certain color, a new jar or tube would show up on the doorstep the next morning when she trudged up that hill to the building. Juanita would just smile, and continue with her work.  Her painting was the talk of the town and they would ask the other, “Have you seen what old Juanita is doing to that old building? It is a work of beauty!”

Juanita painted what she knew about life, what she enjoyed. Her neighbors plowing their fields in the hot sun. Ribbons the color of the rainbow gently swaying in the wind. Oxen and cactus and the rare flowers of the desert. She painted them all in a mural that was a beacon to everyone who came through her town.

The townspeople began calling the building “Juanita’s  Joy.”

One day someone noticed Juanita did not show up to paint on her building. They got some friends together and went looking for the old woman. They found her in her old ramshackle hut. The town doctor said she died peacefully in her sleep. The always joyous heart, giving out as she slept.

They gave her a fine funeral, buried her under a large tree near her beloved painted building. The whole town mourned a quiet woman who always looked at life with eyes full of color. The owner of the old building donated it to the town in Juanita’s name. They put her paintings inside for all to see and it was run as a gallery for young and old artists.

One day a beautiful sign showed up on the building.

Juanita’s Joy

A place for all to enjoy beauty in all its glorious colors





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