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Daily Prompt: I Believe ~~ My thoughts

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.




Three things I believe to be true:

1. Our lives depend on what choices we make. Sure, some things are beyond our control. Illness (most of it), genetics, government interference. But, we all have choices to make. Our lives revolve around them. Big ones, little ones, some we never even give a thought to. With each choice there is a ripple effect that surrounds us and goes outward. So the choices we make also affect others in our lives. Unless of course you live on a deserted island without another living creature. No one ever makes the right choices all of the time. I make choices that affect me the most, selfish in a way I suppose. But I weigh those choices carefully. The major ones, the life changing ones. I weigh those choices and I try to see how my choices affect those around me I care about. Then I pick the one that would best suit me, the one that would work the best. Ah hell, who am I kidding, most of the time throughout my life I have gone with my heart choices, and you know what? It has rarely steered me wrong.


2. That there are some people who are completely evil and none that are completely good. There maybe a few people who have come close to completely good, but never are. Why? Because it’s impossible to be completely good. Or maybe it’s because I have never known a completely good person. But I have met a few that were completely evil.

3. That there are ghosts or spirits around us. I know a lot of people don’t believe in them, but I certainly do. I have seen them, heard them, and even talked to them. I have one that has lived with me for years. Just because you can’t see or touch something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Three things I believe to be false:

1. That we only have one life to live. Seems pretty pointless, doesn’t it? How can we ever learn all we need to know in just one short lifespan? Impossible! I do think we need to give each life the best we can. Learn the most we can, love the hardest we can. Then and only then can each life get better.

2. That liver is good for you. Yuck! I do mean the kind people eat, not your own inside liver. Ha-ha! How can anything so nasty, that came out of an animal be good for you?? No thanks! I think my mother lied to me.


3. We as people are entitled to everything and anything we want. NO! You are not! Neither am I. Treat the world the way you would want to be treated. Treat animals and all living things with respect. That includes your fellow-man/woman. You are not entitled to anything, you earn what you get. So earn that respect. Earn that love. Earn whatever it is you want. And most importantly, teach your children to earn those things in life and not just expect the world to supply it just because they exist.








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