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Daily Prompt: I Believe ~~ My thoughts

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.




Three things I believe to be true:

1. Our lives depend on what choices we make. Sure, some things are beyond our control. Illness (most of it), genetics, government interference. But, we all have choices to make. Our lives revolve around them. Big ones, little ones, some we never even give a thought to. With each choice there is a ripple effect that surrounds us and goes outward. So the choices we make also affect others in our lives. Unless of course you live on a deserted island without another living creature. No one ever makes the right choices all of the time. I make choices that affect me the most, selfish in a way I suppose. But I weigh those choices carefully. The major ones, the life changing ones. I weigh those choices and I try to see how my choices affect those around me I care about. Then I pick the one that would best suit me, the one that would work the best. Ah hell, who am I kidding, most of the time throughout my life I have gone with my heart choices, and you know what? It has rarely steered me wrong.


2. That there are some people who are completely evil and none that are completely good. There maybe a few people who have come close to completely good, but never are. Why? Because it’s impossible to be completely good. Or maybe it’s because I have never known a completely good person. But I have met a few that were completely evil.

3. That there are ghosts or spirits around us. I know a lot of people don’t believe in them, but I certainly do. I have seen them, heard them, and even talked to them. I have one that has lived with me for years. Just because you can’t see or touch something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Three things I believe to be false:

1. That we only have one life to live. Seems pretty pointless, doesn’t it? How can we ever learn all we need to know in just one short lifespan? Impossible! I do think we need to give each life the best we can. Learn the most we can, love the hardest we can. Then and only then can each life get better.

2. That liver is good for you. Yuck! I do mean the kind people eat, not your own inside liver. Ha-ha! How can anything so nasty, that came out of an animal be good for you?? No thanks! I think my mother lied to me.


3. We as people are entitled to everything and anything we want. NO! You are not! Neither am I. Treat the world the way you would want to be treated. Treat animals and all living things with respect. That includes your fellow-man/woman. You are not entitled to anything, you earn what you get. So earn that respect. Earn that love. Earn whatever it is you want. And most importantly, teach your children to earn those things in life and not just expect the world to supply it just because they exist.








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30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Believe ~~ My thoughts

  1. Dear Dreamer I agree with you about what you posted today. Life is full of choices, some we make and they work out a treat others despite our best efforts just go no where. i think most people have some good in them though I have met a few who had none and I wonder what happened to them to have them live this way. I am undecided about the ghost world, I haven’t met one yet, but I do believe there is more to living than this life. How disappointing for so many if this is it. I do believe there is a spirit world though.
    I am with you about liver, we called it lambs fry here. My dad used to like it but I refused to cook it. And like you I agree life is not there to be taken but to be earnt. We live in a world were so many believe they have a right to whatever they want, like the world owes them. No as you say earn it, toil for it, then it tastes so much better. Great post.


    1. As for people who have no good in them, I don’t think anything ‘happened’ to them. I believe that is how they are born. But that is just what I believe and as it hasn’t been proved otherwise I’ll stick with it. thanks for the comment Michael. I always appreciate your viewpoint.


  2. Jackie – I am SO with you on that entitlement nonsense, earning your way and being responsible. BUT I kinda like liver (if it’s cooked just right about once a year) 🙂


    1. Maybe if my mother didn’t force me to eat it when I was a kid, I might like it today. Ok, then maybe not. 🙂
      Thanks Sammy, and you can have my share of liver next time.


  3. I always enjoying reading your thoughts. I feel the same way about many of them. A big thumbs up to your thoughts on entitlement and respect.

    I know I don’t always make good choices – like those peanut butter M&Ms yesterday. You can keep your ghosts up there with you! And if you cook liver on top of a huge mess of carmelized onions, it’s delicious. 😉


    1. Maddie!!! You are a liver eater??? No!!!!! Sighhhhh.
      I still love you girl. Even if you like liver. LOL
      I was going to come visit with Abe. 😉 you sure you don’t me to visit??


        1. Oh oh, too late my friend about Abe. But I promise not to bring him when I visit 😉

          Oh I like brussels sprouts too. See all is right with the world again!


  4. You have written a very thoughtful post. Yes there are spirits,ghosts and what have you,whether we believe it or not does not matter. we are entitled to what we work hard for. Our kids do not necessarily believe it,even if their contribution is zero, they don’t mind whatever they can get without lifting a helpful finger and then lie and tell their friends their parents did nothing for them. Believe me it’s very true. I’m not making it up.


    1. Thanks ranu for stopping by and commenting. Some kids do appreciate what their parents do for them and yes some don’t. it’s sad.


  5. Lovely to read your thoughts. I agree with you on most things, many thumbs up! But I think there are a few, very few people who are good throughout. I’ve met a couple. The goodness kind of emanates from them. Almost tangible. You notice. Like you notice the throughout evil ones. But I have a confession to make: I like to eat liver a few times a year…


    1. Oh my! Another liver eater! I am surrounded by friends who eat liver! ackkkk! hahaha!
      As I told Maddie, I still love you my friend even if you eat liver. I have heard others say they have met truly good people. I have yet to find one. But I will continue searching, as I believe you. Big hugs!


  6. The very first “Believe” I do to. Our choice’s are our own, so when we screw them up, take ownership and accountability for them. Recovery & God gives a 2nd chance to make the correct amends to the people we never should have hurt in the first place.

    But, when we are weak, some us take a path less traveled by few. It’s what happened to me. But Life in Recovery 7yrs now is *Fabulous*!! Wonderful Post!
    God Bless, Catherine Lyon 🙂 🙂


  7. Loved this and agree all around. Ghosts, liver, choices and all. I’ve been here many times and still learning. Sometimes, I’m tired of the lessons. They are hard and I’m stubborn. Heading for the door marked enlightenment so I don’t have to do it again. But most days, I see why I’m here. I know why you are too. Thank you for the reminder. Hugs.


    1. We all are still learning Marlene. We might as well enjoy the process. It’s good to know why we are here. Hmm so why am I here? lol sometimes I’m stubborn too. Hugs to you, we’ll get there my friend, in our own time.


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