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21 Things I Irrationally Love

Ok, first I stole this post idea from Aussa, who stole it from  Samara,  Beth and Angelle and it seems Daile was involved in it somehow with her post on 36 men she wanted to sleep with.

Anyway, I blame Aussa, because well I can! Ha-ha. I love Aussa and all the other talented ladies I mentioned. So it’s all good.

Plus, I wanted to write a post today and had no idea what to write about, so Aussa actually came to my rescue. Thanks!

So now the 21 Things I Irrationally Love;

1. Thunderstorms – I just love thunderstorms, the more violent the better. It must be all that barometric pressure stuff in the air, because it can be quite a turn on. Yeah, I know……. TMI   ha-ha!

2. Books – Of course, some people would not see this as irrational, but some would. I love books, the feel, the smell, the colors. I could live in a bookstore quite easily.

3. Coffee – Ah, coffee! I love me some coffee. Mornings, afternoons, evenings. It makes no difference when I drink it. If I could bath in it, I would. It’s just that good.

(C) JLPhillips 2013
(C) JLPhillips 2013

4. Wildlife – All kinds of wildlife. Not in a zoo either, I’m talking the real deal.

5. Little boxes – Weird, right? I just love little boxes. I have no idea where this love came from, but its real. If I see a little empty box I must have it. I use them to store things in, or just have around.

6. The smell of lemons – I just love it. If I could walk around smelling like a lemon I would. I haven’t found any perfume or body spray that lasts long enough in lemon. All though I have found some pretty good body spray by Secret that uses lemon grass. Ahhh, smells so good.

7. Words – Words are such powerful and versatile things. They make you feel a range of emotions like nothing else. Big words, little words, arcane words. I don’t care. I love words.

8. Rain – Not the kind in thunderstorms, all though that can be awesome. I’m talking softly falling rain on a spring day. Refreshing, calming, renewing, and oh so soothing.

9. Music – Music really does feed the soul. Like words, it can be so many things. It can bring back memories. Good or bad. It can bring me to tears, laughter. Get me on my feet dancing or just lets me relax. Music is as necessary to living as breathing.

10. Wolves – the real deal. There is something about wolves that just draws me to them. Their beauty, their intelligence, the way they take care of each other in the pack.

11. The call of a loon – I love the haunting call of the loon. I have heard them at dawn, across a lake, shrouded in fog. Their call tugs at my soul.  There is nothing like the long soulful cry of a loon.  If you hear one, you will never forget it.

12. Someone playing with my hair. – Yeah I love this. It can be relaxing or a turn on, depending on who is playing with it.  But to have my hair touched, or fingers ran through it just does it for me, what can I say?

13. Accents – Peoples accents. I love them all. It is so interesting to hear someone talking with an accent, be it a Southern one, English, Australian, whatever. I love them.

14. Purple – The color purple can draw me like a moth to a flame. I don’t know what it is about this color, but I love it.

15. Snapple Diet Tea – Oh yum! I love this ice-cold, winter or summer. It’s just so good!

16. Quiet – I love quiet times, nothing playing, no tv, no radio, nothing but me and my thoughts. It doesn’t happen often but when it does I’m in heaven.

17. Green apples – I love the taste and I love the smell.

A soft spring rain
A soft spring rain

18. The sound of a sprinkler. You know the kind, the ones that go back and forth.

19. Trees – I love trees. I’m a natural-born tree hugger.

20. Word games. See # 7

21. Vanilla – Give me some vanilla beans and I’m all over it! I could rub it all over my body and be a happy camper.