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Questions and Answer Time! #AskMeStuff

Aussa and Angelle have started some more trouble fun! I, fool that I am have decided to join them in all this. There also will be a bunch of other bloggers doing it too! Whew, I won’t be alone in this. Ha-ha!

These fine bloggers are doing a Vblog #AskMeStuff on Twitter and their blogs. This is where you readers come in! You get to ask me any question you want, as long as you keep it clean. Also, no personal stuff like address, phone number, social security number….. Ha-ha! You get the picture.

All the others are much braver than me, as they will answer their questions via a Vblog, I will try to do a voice recording. Yeah, I’m chicken.

I’m not sure when all the Vblogs will hit the internet, but I will keep you posted! Now what I need from all you dear people are questions! So please, don’t be shy! Step on up to the mic and ask away!

I don’t have near the following as all these other bloggers, so I really need your help with this. Let’s do this people!

Ok, how this will work.

You can ask me whatever you want, either here in the comment section or tweet them

@JackieP97 with the hashtag #AskMeStuff

You can also leave a comment on my facebook page


So until we all figure out when exactly the Vblogs will go live, just keep asking me questions, go visit Aussa and some of the others and I’ll keep you informed!

I need your help people, come on! Please and thank you.