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A New Thing From Me




Hello people!

You see that banner up there? Yeah the nice red one that says NaPoWriMo 2014? That’s the one! It’s National Poetry Writing Month.

Guess what? I am doing something absolutely crazy for me and joining in this month! Yeah, the woman who keeps saying I don’t do poetry.

I am doing a whole month of poetry! Me! Ahhhhh!!!!

I think I have lost my mind people. So I’m hoping you will take pity on me and be gentle when you read my stuff this month. Please?

So as the banner says, I’m diving in, just hope the pool is not empty and I crack my head open on the bottom.

Here is my first effort this month. Just 29 more to go. Ha-ha!



Stepping out from behind my wall,

My stories of fiction and such will have to wait

To do poetry all month-long is now my fate

I don’t know if I’m crazy or  what,

But I’m going for it and I hope I won’t be late

It will look pretty bad if I fall on my face

Not to mention hurt my pride as well

I will have to rely on peoples good grace

I have a friend who promises to help

As I go on all month-long

He is well versed in prose and such

And a brave soul  as well

So here I go my readers, my friends

My first real effort this month

And know this is no April’s fool joke

As I put myself out there for all to poke

16 thoughts on “A New Thing From Me

  1. Wow, a great first poem Jackie, complete with rhymes, you have done well. I look forward to the next 29…..good luck. Wish I could write a decent poem, I’ll have to learn from you I think.


  2. Ohhhh! Such a great start. Poetry is not my forte haha, unless I do it unintentionally. Whenever this happens, I’m totally happy (even though it’s the most cliche type of poetry ever…)

    Wish you lots of luck as well! I’m seeing so many dedication thingies for this month. I wish I could join haha, but I’ll stop by whenever I can. 🙂 *hugs and waves*


  3. Good luck – I also am embarking on this great adventure.

    A great poem to start with 🙂


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