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NaPoWriMo Day 2 Poem – Love Shattered

This poem was a collaboration between my friend Michael over at Morphetroad and myself. He is a wonderful poet. Go ahead and visit him and see what I mean. He has been gracious enough to say yes to my request to help me when needed. Oh boy, he might regret that one! Ha!

The poem might be a tad dark, which is unusual for me, but that’s how it turned out and I thought it was quite good even with the darkness. I couldn’t have done it without Michael’s help.

This is day 2 of NaPoWriMo, hope you enjoy. Please comment as I love them all! Thank you!



Love Shattered

The Seven-Twenty whistles by,

Wistfully I try to recall the whistle tone,

But I cannot, my heart is elsewhere.

Your cruel words last night

Have ripped my heart and mind,

I cannot think straight

And so oblivious of reality

I watch in a Dreamscape

Flashes of better days

Loving arms, smiles,

Past happiness now rejected

No subtlety in the slap

That resounded in my world.

Love shattered,

Fallen pieces litter my path

Each step an effort, as I drag my loveless self,

Through the motions of living.

Never far from me is your image,

The rage, the terror, the carnage.

I reached out you were not there,

Instead a monster answered back.

Voices unheard before, cutting, slashing,

Leaving me gutted, desolate, sleepless.

Now I need inner strength,

To alone, find peace,

Solitude, safety, myself.

A whistle resonates in the distance,

Now to lose myself as if to the wind.

The Seven-Twenty goes by.


8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 2 Poem – Love Shattered

  1. Fantastic. Jackie. I loved “No subtlety in the slap, that resounded in my world”, The train theme give this a great rhythm! 😀

    The editor came out in me while I was reading and I noticed this line (You’re) cruel words last night, might need to be (Your) cruel words last night (sorry, I can’t help it) 😉


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