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Solitude ~~ Two Challenges in One!

Hello people! Hope your day is going well and look! It’s almost the weekend all ready! Where has the time gone?

I am on day 3 of my NaPoWriMo, so another poem is done. I am also writing this one for the Introverts Blog Quietly challenge over at Chris’s blog 61 Musings. Do go over there and see what all we introverts are up to, quietly.




In Solitude

Quietly I sit, alone and content

A faraway look in my eyes is not loneliness

It is me looking inward

In Solitude

This is how I find my balance, my inner Zen

I recharge my soul, my mind rests

My heart beats slow

In Solitude

Some may find me quiet and subdued

Even stand-offish as I have been accused

For me, it’s just a time to reflect

In Solitude

Others don’t understand the need

For quiet  time alone to soak in

The peace I gain from this time

In Solitude

I make life’s decisions and hear heart’s desires

When the quiet subdues the clamor

Of outside noises and distractions

In Solitude

So when you see me sitting all alone and quiet

And notice a stillness within me

I am not lonely or sad, just content

In Solitude