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NaPoWriMo Day 7 Poem ~~~ Ode to My Treadmill


JLPhillips (c) 2014
JLPhillips (c) 2014

I Love/Hate My Treadmill

You run, I walk, and together we go nowhere

There is no passing scenery to enjoy

even though we are constantly on the move

I sweat, you don’t, but I still love you even when I resent you

Your red blinking lights flash brightly

My joints ache trying to keep time with you

My love of you is balanced by the hate of you

I love you because you help me shed pounds and inches

I hate you because you are relentless

I walk, you run, together we will turn this mass of flesh

into toned muscle, or as toned as a middle-aged lady can get

My computer beckons me away from you,

but I remain faithful until our time is done for the day

I love how you keep track of the miles walked,

uphill or down, fast or slow,

You even care enough to rate my pulse

as my heart speeds up for you and I am breathless

You run, I walk, toward the same goals in life

to be fit, to be healthy

You convince me to walk faster, go further than ever before

to a future I am longing to explore

Your faith in me never falters, as long as I keep your treads oiled

and the electricity on.

I try my best to impress you, yet your stoic hum never falters

So I grit my teeth in effort, my legs pumping ever faster

till I am breathless and begging you to stop

I walk, you run, and though I am panting and spent

your lights blink on as if you don’t care

I love you and hate you

I also know I will return to you tomorrow

like the fool that I am

I do this because I love,

 the future is brightly shining

 now I will be able to walk into that promise of tomorrow

because of you, my beloved steely treadmill

The NaPoWriMo prompt today was, to write a love poem about an inanimate object.  Hope you enjoyed my effort today.

Thanks, and I love comments, so please feel free to do so!


5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 7 Poem ~~~ Ode to My Treadmill

  1. Great poem Jackie, excellent use of repetition, that worked so very well in expressing your love/hate relationship with your treadmill.I like that you see it as a means to an end, that you have a purpose in putting yourself through the obvious discomfort you feel as you work together for a goal you see. I wish you both well.


    1. Thank you Michael, my treadmill and I have an understanding, if it helps me reach my goal, then it won’t end up as scrap metal. LOL


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