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NaPoWriMo Poem Day 20 ~~ Old Memories


Old Memories


Handmade toys, long forgotten

Faded photos, tarnished frames

Abandoned? Why, I wonder?

Someone’s past memory.


Pocket watches, old glass faces

Dusty with age and time

Despite faltering, life went on?

Someone’s timeless memory.


Purple velvet lined jewelry box

Empty now, but for stale air

Hopes and dreams once lay inside?

Someone’s cherished memory.


Dried flowers, sad and alone

Once were brilliant, now long dulled

Were they picked from the garden below?

Someone’s perfumed memory.


Peeling, cracked paint upon the walls

Rooms decaying, long ignored

Love once rebounded thru the halls?

Someone’s long forgotten memory.



12 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Poem Day 20 ~~ Old Memories

  1. I enjoyed the circular nature of this one Jackie. My favourite was the flowers (fourth stanza) and how the smell of them remained, even though their beauty faded. It’s also interesting to see questions being asked to engage the reader and make them ponder about what is going on. Old memories – gone but not forgotten πŸ™‚


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