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NaPoWriMo Day 21 Poem ~~~ Mystic Forest


Mystic Forest

I walk, dream, think
my thoughts float up
thru the canopy of leaves
fog surrounds me,
wrapping me in it’s soft folds
drops of it’s tears shimmer
against my skin, like a lovers kiss

Alone, not lonely, still, quiet
my sanctuary, my bliss
steps muffled, as I walk slowly
a winding trail, like my thoughts
my cares gone, long forgotten
I am at peace in these mystic woods

Time stands still, sun breaks through
feel it’s warmth against the chill
a whisper of a breeze teases the leaves
talking to the trees, life wakes
I hear a rustle in aged undergrowth
something walking beside me, keeping time
as my feet move me forward

Life moves on, it’s what we all do
seeking, questing, living till we die
loving, giving, taking, leaving better behind
I am settled, the solitude of the woods
quiets my heart, my soul, behind I leave
the fears, doubts, misgivings,
they will disappear with the fog
inside my mystic forest, I am reborn

21 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 21 Poem ~~~ Mystic Forest

  1. I am at peace in these Mystic Woods too. Another triumph Jackie, very well written and the start has a terrific opening that you sustain all the way through. My favourite line was “Time stands still, sun breaks through feel it’s warmth against the chill” but all of it was very good!


    1. thank you David! I love woods, they are so peaceful and soothing. I will be by to read your poem soon. Thanks again for the kind words.


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