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NaPoWriMo Poem Day 25 ~~~ Which Way to Go?


Which Way to Go?

Which way to go? Which way to go?
I stand at a cross roads in my life
Look left, right, back again
Decisions to be made,

Which way to go? Which way to go?
I’ve been here so many times
Each time I choose a path to tread
Sometimes right, sometimes wrong

Which way to go? Which way to go?
Worry, fret become my companions
Do I go this way or that way?
Hesitate, wonder, left or right

Which way to go? Which way to go?
Now weary of loneliness, sorrow, pain
Tears flow, how am I do know?
I need to let go, let go

Which way to go? Which way to go?
A strong hand slips into mine
A shoulder to lean on, my tears dry
Together we face the ways

Which way to go? Which way to go?
My love walks with reassurance
He makes the way clear to see
I want to go where he goes

Which way to go? Which way to go?
Stopping, surveying our paths of life
He kisses me, whispers, I love you
I choose to go wherever he goes

I have chosen to follow today’s prompt from the NaPoWriMo website; Anaphora is a literary term for the practice of repeating certain words or phrases at the beginning of multiple clauses or, in the case of a poem, multiple lines. 



I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. I love animals and at present have one dog (Sam) and 2 cats (brother and sister, Notwen and Pouncer). I've lived in various places in the USA and now in Canada. I've always enjoyed watching life and people and have developed an appreciation for it all. My outlook is sometimes out of the normal.... but that's what makes things so interesting! I am always interested in the opinions of others. Everyone has their own outlook and it's always worthwhile to listen!

10 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Poem Day 25 ~~~ Which Way to Go?

  1. The repetition idea really does give it a strong hook. This is tightly written too Jackie, it could easily be a song. Do you often have a tune in your head when you write poetry? It would certainly explain the smooth flow here. Smooth flow – that’s the way to go 🙂


    1. Thanks David, actually I had a sort of sing song thing going in my head. Usually my head is kind of empty LOL Glad you liked it. 🙂


  2. Excellent use of repetition Jackie it creates a clear focus within your poem. I hope you choose the right way and the hand that leads you takes you home.


    1. Thank you Marlene, I guess after this month I can say I’m a poet as well as a story teller. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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