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What I’m Doing With Myself

Hello people!

I just realized that the title of my post sounds a bit kinky. Ha! Well, I’m leaving it. Letting my kink show through.

This is just going to be a quick post to let you know I haven’t disappeared, or died or anything. I took a day or so off after completing NaPoWriMo. All that poetry left me tired. LOL

I’m also trying to catch up some of my reading of all your wonderful blogs. I think it’s hopeless. I am so far behind I’ll never catch up! But I want you to know I haven’t forgotten about any of you and that I will try to catch up at some point.

Now, to  let you know I haven’t been a complete slacker. I have a few things in the works for your reading pleasure (I hope). One is a collaboration on a longer serial story that has been in the works with me and another person for a while now. We are trying to finish it up so we can start posting it.

I just added this because, well, it's about coffee
I just added this because, well, it’s about coffee

Another is something I have just started today, a story like nothing I’ve written before. It came to me while I was trying to sleep last night. It’s in a style I’ve never tried, but have admired. As soon as it’s done I will start posting it. It too may turn into several days worth of postings alone. We shall see. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised at this new style of writing for me. I’m getting so brave lately it’s scary!

I’m also going to do some stories from picture prompts. I love that kind of writing and so I am in the market of some really interesting pictures. If any of you have some and want to see what I can come up with story wise, please drop me a line and send me the picture. I have a contact page under my header up there, so just click on that and contact me! Thanks!

Also!! I hadn’t forgotten I promised (or threatened) to do a blog that answers any questions you have given me or have for me. I won’t do a vlog, because, well, I would hate to give you all nightmares. LOL But, I will do a voice recording where I answer your questions. So please! If you have a question for me, feel free to leave it in the comments section and I will add it to my collection! Here is possibly the one and only chance to hear what I sound like in real life. If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is!

I don’t have a set date as when I will be doing the voice thing, but hopefully this month, so stay tuned! And either send me a question on my comment section below or send me an email via my contact page above! Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!

Ok, I have prattled on long enough. I need to get back to writing!




27 thoughts on “What I’m Doing With Myself

  1. I think you definitely earned a few days of rest and relaxation after the month you had!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on this new story style 🙂

    I guess all the cool kids are Vlogging now, huh? 😀


  2. Exciting things coming from your pen Jackie, looking forward to them. Good to see you are not resting on your laurels but forging ahead. Lovely prattle by the way.


    1. Well, got to keep the fingers nimble Michael. I’m trying to learn how to prattle. I love that word, prattle. It’s a nice word 🙂


  3. Looking fwd to the serial story!! And your new style. In fact, I’m very curious about that! Have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. I love the audio vlog thingie and your new header! The A to Z challenge with a writer’s conference on top of it wore me out!


  5. It’s so hard to keep up on the reading and I’m not even writing that much. Life just gets in the way somewhere in there. I look forward to the voice recording, even though I don’t have any questions for you. I probably should but I’m writing this at 5:15 in the morning because I can’t sleep, yet I’m to tired to think. 🙂 Keep up the good work, I enjoy it.


    1. Hey thanks! I hate those nights or early mornings I can’t sleep. Sorry 😦
      Thanks for stopping in even if you’re tired.


  6. Wow, Jackie. You sure are busy. I look forward to your new stories, and that’s great you are exploring a new style. Good for you! Your voice, I look forward to that, too. It will not be scary!


  7. Busy little bee you are. I know once you miss a day or two the emails pile up. I was doing so well with keeping up with the emails. Then yesterday I went out and bam! I have well over a hundred emails. Well good luck on all your endeavors can’t wait to read your new style story.


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