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Ten Things of Thankful #46


Join the Ten Things of Thankful community and work with us to nurture an attitude of gratitude. We use the whole weekend to focus on the Good Things in life. Make a list of Ten of those wonderful Things, then share the Wonderfulness with others.

We will prevail because we have compassion, and we have each other.

Above is a quote from Lizzi’s blog at Considerings, and her wonderful Ten Thinks of Thankful idea. Come join us if you can! We all have things to be thankful for.

Now for my list of Ten Thing of Thankful:

1. I’m so glad April is over with! I was super busy with NaPoWriMo, a poem a day for a month! What the heck was I thinking? But I did it and I’m glad I did it, as I learned a lot about poetry. I also found out I actually like writing it. Sometimes I don’t always hit it out of the park so to speak, but there was a time or two last month that I was quite proud of what I managed to write.

2. We had some really nice spring like weather lately. Not today, of course, as it is snowing again right now. Ugh!!!! Old man winter better high tail it out of here, or I’m going to find a big torch and burn his ass. LOL Sorry, but I am so tired of winter hanging around. But those few days of 20C+ were so nice.

3. I am as always appreciative of best friends. Without them, I sometimes would be lost. They let me vent, or tell exciting new too. Or just to talk. So yeah, I do love my best friends.

4. Multiple email address’. Yes, I am thankful for having more than one email. My main one went down yesterday. Couldn’t get into it. It’s where all my most important emails come in. So I had to email the help department and give them an alternate email to tell me how to fix it. Which they did quite quickly too.

5. And that brings me to #5, which is I’m thankful for fast acting customer service. It doesn’t happen too often sad to say, but it did yesterday and I’m grateful it did.

6. Music has always played a big role in my life. It’s helped me when I was sad. It’s such a good way sometimes to tell someone how you feel when you can’t find the words yourself. I have an eclectic taste in music from the Motown oldies to some of today’s hits. From classical to rock. I’m always on the lookout for more good music. So if anyone has any suggestions for me to listen to, tell me! Give a listen to these 2 guys, believe me they are not your typical cello players!

7. Lists. Yes, lists. I tell you, if it wasn’t for some of the lists I make I would forget so many things! I’m a list person, I love them, always have. I usually have so many different things going on at one time, that lists have saved my butt many times. I take one to the grocery store. I have one for music I want to listen to when I have time. I have one with writing ideas. I have one for things I need to do. I’m only surprised I don’t have a list for my lists! LOL

8. Items from the past. I was looking at the cookbook that my father owned, that his mother owned, and that I own now. It’s from 1928 and it has seen better days. It’s more than a cookbook though. It’s a book of memories. I remember my dad using a recipe out of there to bake bread and rolls. He made the best bread. He enjoyed making it. He was happy when he made bread. I look at that book and I see my grandmother, long and lanky, but so full of love and laughter. She died much too soon. It might look like a well used cookbook to anyone else, but to me it’s a book of love filled memories.

9. I was talking to my best friend the other day about past teachers. I loved my high school English teacher. She loved her job and it showed. She was the first to tell me to never give up on my writing as I was good at it and if that’s what I enjoyed doing that’s what I should do. School for me was not a pleasant experience, but she was a bright star in this girl’s lonely dark days. I only hope everyone had at least one teacher in their lives that made a difference to them.

10. Which brings me to the last item. Writing. I am so very thankful for writing. It has helped me through some hellish times in my life, when I kept a journal. It has also helped me in times of my greatest happiness, where I could communicate with people far away how much I cared about them. Writing sets me free as nothing else has done. It lets my imagination fly, takes me to wondrous places and fascinating people. It helps me build worlds and characters that I fall in love with. Writing has brought me here, to WordPress, where I have met so many terrific people. Thank you for being one of those!