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IBQ Writing Prompt: Garden

This week’s prompt is:


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  –  Cicero

What does a garden mean to you?  A nice lawn?  Flowers?  Vegetables?  Something to admire from afar?  Do you like to garden?  Or does the smell of dirt and the sight of bugs, send you rushing into the house?  Are you a city dweller longing for a garden?  An introvert seeking a quiet refuge?


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I love gardens. Any kind of gardens. Flowers, of course, are a favorite, but I’ll take a vegetable garden too. I love growing things.

I”ve always wanted a nice garden to sit in and watch the beauty of mother nature. And as the saying up above says, it is the restoration of the five senses.

Sight; you get to look at mother nature’s best. Colors the make you feel happy, not only with flowers, but the butterflies and hummingbirds that come to drink the nectar of those flowers. You can see the vivid greens, yellows, reds, pinks, even blues and purples. It’s like a rainbow decided to live in your yard for a while.

Sound; you hear the breeze in the leaves, softly rustle. Or the singing of a bird that has decided to visit, maybe even live in your garden. You hear the buzzing of bees and insects as they live off the flowers and plants that you have grown. It’s a continuous cycle that you have contributed to.

Smell; the fragrance of the flowers is intoxicating. Soft perfume fills the air and as you breath it in you feel the stress of any worries just slide away. Maybe you’ve planted some mint and as a warm breeze wafts by you get just a hint of the mint in the air. Refreshing and soothing.

Taste; there are some flowers that are edible, the soft petals of delicate perfume on your tongue. If you grow vegetables or have fruit trees or shrubs, well the possibilities of taste are endless. Tangy lemons from your lemon tree in lemonade or if you like a bit fresh lemon in your tea. If you grow  apple, pear, plum trees. So many tastes await you. Then there are the herbs, which I love to grow. To cook with fresh herbs is wonderful and will make you appreciate herbs at their finest. They can be pungent or gentle. But always a delight.

Touch; the softness of the grass underneath your feet. The brush of the breeze against your skin.  As you bend to smell a flower the velvety petals against your nose. Even to the smoothness of the wood bench, or the cool roughness of a stone seat can give one a reason to stay awhile and enjoy the scenery.

For me a garden is a way to refuel my soul, much like mediation does. To sit and enjoy it with someone I love and the benefits are 100 fold to me.

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