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CC and the Fed ~~~ Chapter Two

Hello dear people! Hope your week went well. If it didn’t, sorry, and don’t worry, it’s the weekend!

Below is Chapter two of my new serial story CC and the Fed. Chapter one can be found here. Please read it if you haven’t all ready. Thank you if you have!

Now on with Chapter Two!




News stories, flash in my mind. Yeah, I remember the deal. Dirk O’Flannery, 36, one of those kind of politicians that make my skin prickly. With a cheesy, white tooth smile, flashing brown eyes and dimpled cheeks. I can see a young, naive chick fallin’ for something like that. I also heard ol‘ Dirk was dirty. Well, hell ain’t most politicians?

My mind also flashed a picture seen somewhere. A young woman, probably only about 22 or so, on ol‘ Dirks arm at some fancy dinner. Petite, blonde, with a putrid, adoring smile plastered on her pretty face for the dirty and now dead politician.

“If she didn’t do it, why is she hiding?”

“She’s scared.”


Fed gave me a cold stare. I wasn’t impressed.  I just gave him stare for stare.

“She called me a couple of days ago.”


I knew I was starting to sound like a damn recording that was stuck on one word. That just made me irritated. The man wasn’t giving me much to work with here. He either wanted his cousin found or not. I didn’t care either way. If she did do the dirty politician in, I’d shake her hand and let her walk away. One less in my opinion is a good thing.

“To tell me she didn’t kill O’Flannery.”

“Why not just call her back and tell her to meet you?”

“I tried, she must have gotten rid of her phone as the signal is dead.”

“Not as dumb as she looks.”

Fed sighed, reached in his jacket pocket and pushed something across the table to me. Glancing down I saw a more recent picture of the girl and a small gadget. I picked it up and took a closer look. I’d heard about these things. Never seen one except in the latest issue of Spies R Us magazine. It was no bigger than my pinky fingernail, made to fit inside the ear where no one could see it. It was both a phone and listening device.

From what I had read, it could be programmed from one to 100 numbers. You activated it by voice. It was programmed for one person’s voice only. They could whisper the name of whom to call, the device would pick it up, call the person and voila! You had communication. It was also a recorder. If you activated the recording part of it, it was able to pick up any noise or conversation within a mile. The person could tell it to delete certain noises, like cars, other people talking, anything really till it zoomed on what you wanted to hear. Really handy to have in my business. But expensive and regulated tightly. By the Feds of course.

I put the gadget back down and grabbed the photo. Yeah, that was the face I saw in the news. Still looked young, but perhaps not as naive as she used to be. Sad. That’s how she looked here. It also looked like it was taken by a satellite device. Probably Feds again.

I looked at Fed. He looked back. Neither one wanted to give an inch. Something about him still gave me vibes. Not good ones either.

Shit, I was going to take the case. I hated when I went against my better judgement. I was doing it my way though. And not with some fancy gadget that probably tracked everything I said and did. This is one chick who isn’t naive. Or stupid. Most days anyway.

“Keep your toy.”

“Take it, you can stay in contact with me. It’s all ready programmed for your voice.”

“I got my own toys. I know how to contact you.”

His eyes looked like chipped ice. Slowly he pushed the gadget back toward me. I saw Tiny out of the corner of my eye reach for his bat and start to come around the bar. I waved him back, never taking my eyes off Fed.

I slowly picked the gadget up between two fingers. I didn’t even blink. My hand hovered between him and me. I stood.

Taking one step, I was next to Fed. I dropped the gadget in what was left of his beer.

“You’re not her cousin. Nor her friend. You can’t find her. I can.”

Fed grabbed my wrist. Hard. It was going to leave a damn bruise. I didn’t flinch.

“You work for me or stay out of it.”

“Can’t now. Not working for you either.”

Growling deep, Fed put more pressure on my wrist. Hurt like hell. Not that I was going to show it.

“Leave it be or you’ll get hurt.”

“You obviously can’t find her. Whether she did it or not, she deserves better than you.”

“What makes you think I’m not her cousin?”

“Here I thought you did your research. Obviously not, but I did. She has no boy cousins, only girls. I looked her up before I got here.”

By now my hand was numb. Damn it. I was going to have to ice the sucker down.

“You might think you’re smart. If you were, you’d work for me, not against me.”

I couldn’t help myself, I baited him. Sometimes I don’t know when to keep my lips shut.

“We’ll see who finds her first. I’m betting I will.”

Fed let go of my wrist. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me rub the circulation back in.

“Then I’ll see you in hell.”

I let out of laugh. Did he really say what I heard? That was so melodramatic, I couldn’t even get my anger back. He sounded like a bad old movie. See you in hell? Seriously?

I stepped back. Smiling still, because I knew it would irritate. I shook my head at him.

“You aren’t even Fed, at least not anymore. Even those losers aren’t that stupid. So you must work for someone else. The O’Flannery family?”

Fed’s cold eyes glanced up at me. I smiled.

“Like I said, I do my research.”

Actually, it was just a shot in the dark guess. I was surprised when it hit the bullseye.

He just shrugged. I walked away. Well, this was getting interesting. Didn’t turn out like I thought. I just have to find a girl whose face is plastered all over the news. Every money hungry grubber is going to want to find her. I had to beat them all. Easy. Not.

I shoved the bar door closed after me. Immediately I stepped into the shadows. A habit I developed years ago. Stood me in good stead now. I heard the bullet hit the bricks next to my head. Dammit, Used to be Fed was pissed and gave someone outside his orders.

Now what the hell have I got myself into?

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  1. First, love the story so far.

    Second, is it weird that I am jealous of an illustration’s hair?

    (fine, yes, I know it is)


    1. You know I actually thought of you when I found this pic? LOL true I did! So no it doesn’t sound weird that you like her hair, so do I!


      1. 🙂

        I have to redo mine this weekend, maybe this time I go for blue-black instead of brown LOL


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