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Abandoned To The Past


Abandoned To The Past



Children’s laughter floats upon the air
Spun sugar smells linger here and there
Swan boat sits in waters eerily still
It’s paint peeling, reeds growing, at a standstill

Ferris wheel, large circle outlined against the sky
Seats swinging, creaking, a bit cock-eye
Once painted bright colors of all hues
Faded now with rust showing through

I stand upon the rotting pier
Bare trees stand sentinel so austere
I close my eyes against the lambast
A silent tear falls, abandoned to the past.



21 thoughts on “Abandoned To The Past

  1. What amazing imagery and excellent prose. This one painted the picture and rolled off the tongue. Readers ought to be happy to find just one, so to see them both … We’ll done.


      1. Glad I stopped by. I wish I knew the technical terms to compliment you the right way on this, but it’s like, the structure was perfect and every word in every place.


        1. Well thanks! I’m pretty new at poetry so I don’t know the terms yet either, but I know a really nice compliment when I get it, so thank you.


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