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Things That I Appreciate Now That I’m Old(er)

The other day I had visitors. A couple and their 3-year-old daughter Jazzy (Jasmine). She’s into asking “what’s that?”, about everything! As younger children are she’s very curious and full of energy. My dog Sam loves her as she is always eating something and is more than willing to share! LOL

But after they left, I sat and thought about her innocence and her curiosity. I thought how I envied her those things and wish sometimes I was that innocent for just a little while. Then I thought about getting older and what I appreciate about that process. The things I’ve learned, seen, felt, done.

It made me feel better actually. I’m aging and that’s ok. I’m probably older than most of my readers think I am. That too is ok. I’ve done a lot in my life. I’ve HAD a life. (Not that I‘m done with living yet! Far from it.) Now it’s Jazzy’s turn and I wish her a life full of adventure, love and learning.

Today’s Daily Post weekly writing challenge is called ‘List Lesson’This week, girl in the hat writer Anna Fonté challenges you to write a list that transcends its orderly or numbered format.

So my ‘list’ is going to be all the things I appreciate now that I am old(er).




Things That I Appreciate Now That I’m Old(er)

The beauty of nature in all its forms
The fluffy white clouds in azure blue skies
Gentle rain on the roof, or thunderstorms
Flowers swaying in a breeze, diamonds in the snow

Quiet times, lazy days, a book in my hands
Music to set my foot tapping, daydreaming
Messages from friends, far away or near
Slowing down enough to appreciate just being

That first cup of coffee, a cold drink of water
A long hot shower, no place to hurry to
Memories of childhood, letting go of anger
Wisdom well-earned, not having to eat peas

Silver in my hair, yes, I even appreciate that
Learning to say no, being out of debt
My father’s wisdom bless his soul, saying thank you
Having time to write or to watch a sunset

Accepting myself as I am, it’s ok to be me
Knowing my mistakes past is just that, in the past
Not caring if my house is a bit dusty
Making decisions on my own

Living this long, there were days when I didn’t think I would
Love, companionship, trust, kisses, holding hands
Poems well written, stories well told
People I’ve come to know in other lands

I appreciate being old(er), when you are young you take
living till you are old for granted, when you reach this age
you no longer take it for granted, you just appreciate having
another day, week, month, year to keep getting older yet.





36 thoughts on “Things That I Appreciate Now That I’m Old(er)

  1. Great post Jackie, getting older does have its drawbacks but mostly I think its not having to start again that excites me. The wisdom we accumulate with age comes in handy and I like your line ‘no place to hurry to’… does become less hurried, probably because we can’t hurry, but more so because we don’t have to. We get used to waiting patiently.


      1. Some people would argue that with age you have less to do so patience becomes an occupation…lol……not so much on this side of the ocean though.


  2. This was beautiful. I don’t think I am old, but I am older. And I envy my parents. I am looking forward to the days when I will appreciate the little things I take for granted now. Maybe I look forward to it because I have 4 little ones at home, but I’m trying to slow down and enjoy those little things too. Thank you


    1. I don’t think I’m old either, just older. But I’m sure I’m older than you….and with this age you do appreciate the every day things… have more time to. So your time is coming, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


  3. How lovely to do a list as a poem instead. Yes there are definitely things I appreciate more as I get older. Especially when I see the things that my kids, well particularly my 15 year old daughter, worry about. Priorities tend to straighten themselves out more as we get older don’t they.


    1. Thank you Vanessa. Priorities do tend to straighten out as we get older. We see clearer what is really important and tend to let go of what isn’t.


  4. It is quite fantastic to be around children. I adore my 4 year old granddaughter. So much to learn to see and experience. Yet, I’m at peace with my age, rarely think of it at all 🙂


    1. Me either, think about my age I mean, well not much. We got here so it’s all good. lol
      Kids are great in that they see things with new eyes and it’s great to be there when they do.


  5. What a beautiful post, Jackie. I took my mother-in-law to a Tupperware party on Saturday (at her insistence) and one of the women made a comment about how she would love to be 21 again. My M-I-L said, ‘no way! I’d hate to go through it all again.’ (LOL)

    But there’s a famous saying (and I’m not sure who said it) – ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ 😉


    1. I’m with your MIL, I wouldn’t want to be 21 again either. I like being the age I am, just wish there was a few less aches and pains lol.
      and youth is wasted on the young! 😉


        1. Well I know you are usually in a lot of pain, and I”m sorry for that. But a lot of people would want to look at things with new eyes, but without the pain. I wish you well, and may light and love be yours. 🙂


  6. You wrote that beautifully. I agree with all of it. If I were told I had to come back into this life, I would pick this time above all. Odd, isn’t it. I’ve never been more comfortable with myself or life in spite of the challenges. I’m happy for each day and each experience and enjoy them more than ever. Wonderful poem, Jackie.


  7. Wonderfully Written. Such a great poem!!

    “Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. “–Samuel Ullman


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