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Pornography, Prostitution & Pole Dancing – The Feminist Divide/The Dilettante Revolution

Give a read ladies and gentlemen! This is how you change things! This is how it is.

dilettante factory

I have read so much about rape culture in the past week, that quite frankly, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’ve heard extreme views from both sides of the argument, I’ve heard a lot of ignorance, and I’ve heard a lot of people frustratedly trying to get others to see their point of view. It’s difficult to put yourself in another’s shoes, particularly when you don’t want to believe what they are saying — particularly, in this case, that women are afraid of men.

I’m not going to talk about recent events. He’s dead, let the monster stay dead. Instead, I’m going to talk about something that is probably going to get me booed off the stage, as it were, and no, I’m not playing the devil’s advocate as I’m prone to do — I’m just going to talk about something that is going to be hard to hear…

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