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Share Your World – 2014 Week 22

Cee over at Cee’s photography puts up a post challenge every Monday. It’s called Share Your World. She asks 4 questions and you give answers in a post so we can all get to know our fellow bloggers a little better. Thanks Cee, it’s a wonderful idea. Why not come and join us?

So here is my answers to this week’s question.




Regarding animals would you prefer not having them around or having domestic pets, farm animals, or seeing them in nature or the zoo?

I love all animals. I have always had pets, usually dogs, but I love cats too. I’ve been on farms and around farm animals. I prefer seeing animals free and natural, but some zoo’s I know are getting better about the keeping of animals. I would love to have the money and acreage to have a place for abused animals come to and live their life out as free as possible and well taken care of. That’s always been a dream of mine. Come on lottery winnings!!

Are you a collector of anything? 

I used to be. After losing my things so many times in my life, I have become less and less materialistic. That and I hate to dust LOL. I used to collect Santa’s, coke things, anything with wolves. Now all I collect is years and memories.

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?

Why can’t people just get along and accept each other’s differences as something good and not bad?


If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

Some really good expensive coffee beans. Mmmmm. Coffee……  Or, all the books I want and can’t afford. Or, all the painting supplies I want but can’t afford. And to go with that I would have a big studio with lots of natural light. Other than that, I’m good. I’m not one much for clothes or shoes or jewelry. So for me, those are the “finer things” in life.



22 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 22

  1. I agree you always have great lists Jackie. Coffee is always there somewhere. i think we all collect some things in life, memories we can store away for rainy days, lottery wins though are all but impossible to come by. Have a great day.


  2. I don’t collect things either. My thoughts are enough, and remembering them. Ha ha. I think doing things is more important than having things.


  3. You deserve a lottery win you have so many good ideas on how to use it! Hugs and hope you’re having a good week.


  4. I loved you answers and probably would answer the same way. Animals vs people any day. I have been a collector but that has been changing over the years. Stopped the kids (and step kids) from giving me stuff years ago. Pare down with each move and this one will be no different. I collected Angels for many years but have no place for them now. I’m still inundated with books and fabric. I think the fabric will find new homes. 🙂 Paring down the books too. I’m with Amy on doing rather than having. I’d rather have a massage than a dust catcher. These questions make you think about what’s important. Nice.


  5. I hope you get that lottery win, Jackie! I absolutely love animals and running a shelter would be my dream 🙂

    I love the way you collect years and memories, they’re the things I couldn’t do without (except for coffee) 😉


  6. The whole animals in captivity thing is an interesting one isn’t it, on the one hand animals should be wild and free, but on the other hand, pets teach about compassion towards animals, and many zoos do a lot of important conservation work. A lot of kids would never get to to see animals at all if it wasn’t for zoos.

    I don’t collect anything, not deliberately anyway, I seem to accumulate far more than I need if that counts!


    1. Yes the animal thing is an interesting one. There are some zoos now that are really trying, but there are others that need to try harder. Collect things is highly overrated, you just have to dust them all! 😉


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