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A Rainy Day Poem

Hello People!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Today I decided to write a rainy day poem, as today is about the sixth day in a row that we have had rain in my part of Alberta Canada. My front yard has a new pool! But I didn’t put it there. Mother Nature decided me and Sam needed one and has so generously added one there. So kind of her, don’t you think?

We are supposed to get a couple more days of cool rainy weather. Anyone have a wetsuit I can borrow? Ha! Then it is supposed to get hot and sunny. Oh joy!





Rain, rain go away

The children’s poem does say

I don’t need a pool

So please stop playing the fool

Leave some moisture for other times

And I’ll leave off writing the rhymes

I don’t mind those rare cozy rainy days

As I sip my coffee and gaze

Upon the drops coming from the skies

I just sit back and sigh

Now, though it feels like I’m drowning

While my old bones are chilling

I need some sunshine please

Mother Nature stop being such a tease

Give me what I need

With all due haste I plead





23 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Poem

  1. The cry of a desperate woman Jackie, it will stop raining eventually and then your summer will kick in, wont it? I hope so for both your sakes. Lovely rhymes by the way.


  2. I’ve just read your poem out loud to the sky here, Jackie. We’ve had nothing but wind and rain for weeks 😦 The harvesting season has been put off for a while because it’s so wet. I’m sure your poem will help me here 😉


    1. I hope it does help you Dianne, because it’s not helping me LOL It can’t hurt that’s for sure, unless Mother Nature is not into poetry, well mine anyway haha.


      1. Happy for you 🙂 My sister just told me they have 10C in Stockholm and rainy…and this weekend is a big midsummer celebration up there.


        1. That’s how we have been for a week. About 10c with rain. That’s a shame that it will be that bad for a celebration there.


  3. That leaf and rain droplet is a fantastic picture sweet Jackie. I hope the great poem that you wrote encouraged the rain to stop and you have had some sunshine by now. Hugs


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