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DAILY PROMPT Seasonal Scents ~~ A Poem

Today’s Daily Prompt is about seasonal scents.

S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer?

Here is my take on this in poem form.





Summer Scents


Summer is here, smells are in the air

Fresh cut grass, flowers blooming,

Leaves blowing in sweet wind

Even the sun has the smell of warmth

Grills lit around the neighborhood

Meat cooking, corn grilling

Sounds of children laughing

As  chlorine clouds drift from the pools

The smell of a summer storm comes ever closer

Rain cleaning the air

Leaving behind smells of damp earth

Puddles to splash in

Drives to summer fairs,

Hot pavement smells lead to

Cotton candy sweetness, fried oils

Turkey legs, sausages and beer

Summer fun has its own smells

Sweaty bodies packed close together

Swaying to your favorite band

A few short months packed with good times

Good friends, great smells

Go out and enjoy!




13 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT Seasonal Scents ~~ A Poem

  1. I almost forgot what I loved about summer. I mostly missed it with only the smell of boxes and paint to tease my senses. My favorite is the smell of fresh cut grass. Especially if I’m not the one cutting it. You are quite the poet, Jackie. Loved this even as summer is gratefully coming to a close.


    1. I’m learning Marlene. Some, um, poetry still leaves me scratching my head. lol But I’m beginning to enjoy it. Not as much as story telling, but still it does tell a story too in it’s own way.


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