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Happy Birthday to my Sister



Today is my older sister’s birthday. She is 2 years older than I am. Her and I used to be really close, but we have drifted apart through the years. Since my dad died years ago things have not been the same between us.

Family dynamics sometimes can be strange. They ebb and flow like the ocean waves. At least in my family they do. I know that part of the problem is that I’ve lived so far away most of my adult life. I”m the only sibling out of four to do so.  My younger brother did for a while, but even he eventually went home. My problem I think is that ‘home’ has never really been home to me. Sometimes I get the urge to go back, but it passes. It usually only comes around the holidays anyway, which happens to many. I also know it would be a bad idea.

My sister is a wonderful person, she really is. She’s very caring and nurturing. She loves kids and she’s very patient. Her name is Jill, well, that’s what everyone calls her. It’s her middle name. She wasn’t able to get pregnant, which she always wanted to do once she got married. But she did the next best thing. First she was a foster parent, with my brother-in-law. They made great foster parents and I lost count on how many children she took in. She specialized in children that were at risk at home from parents that couldn’t handle the kids for whatever reason, be it drugs or mental or emotional problems. Most were babies when she received them. Some had special needs themselves.

I lost track on how many kids she fostered through the years. I do know she is still in touch with a few of them. Three of the children she fostered her and my BIL ended up adopting. Three boys from different backgrounds, but all needing a good set of parents. Which they got from my sister and her husband.

Now when she should be enjoying peace and quiet she is taking care of my younger brothers twin girls. He and his then wife weren’t in any position to care for them, so my sister with my mom’s help took them in and raised them. Now they do have a relationship with my brother, but they still live with my sister and consider her ‘mom’.

I don’t even have a picture of my sister. Another long story there for another time. She’s a wonderful friend to her friends, a great mother to her kids, an amazing wife to her husband. She’s my sister and I’m proud of her.

So Happy Birthday Jill! Hope it’s a great one for you and I hope that husband of yours treats you well on this special day.

I love you sister.




18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Sister

    1. Awww thank you so much! She might read my blog, I really don’t know as we haven’t talked in years. I know she can see my posts through my FB page, so maybe she will. She is an amazing woman in many ways. 🙂
      thanks again.


  1. Jill sounds like an amazing woman, it can be hearbreaking work fostering children and people who do this are very special indeed. My hat goes off to Jill. Happy Birthday and I really hope you read this beautiful tribute one day xxxx


  2. Oh Jackie, I know the feeling of loving a sibling that has cut you off. I haven’t heard from a brother since 2000. He wants nothing to do with the entire family. You just want to wrap your arms around them and hold on. I really hope she reads your post. I can feel your love for her. Hang in there. That tribute would have moved me to connect. Hugs, M


    1. Well unfortunately all 3 of siblings have cut me off. It’s just something that happens in my family. I’m the one that is miles away, so I get cut off. Thanks marlene. Hugs right back to you.


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