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Share Your World – 2014 Week 27

I’m a bit late in posting for Cee’s Share your world this week. In fact, I haven’t posted much lately. But, I have an excuse, not that I need one. I have hurt my right knee and it is very painful so I have not had much concentration lately. Also, I think my muse went on holiday. Yeah, poor, poor pitiful me. Enough whining though!

Here is Cee’s four questions and my answers for this week. If you would like to join us, to get to know your fellow bloggers better, go on over to Cee’s photography blog and join on in! Thanks!



If you were the architect of one existing building, which building would you select?

The very impressive Regatta Hotel Jakarta.

Regatta Hotel
Regatta Hotel


The Regatta Hotel Jakarta was designed by Atelier Enam, based on the nautical theme, where the centerpiece is an aerodynamically shaped hotel bound to be one of the most striking landscape features overlooking the Java Sea. The ‘Regatta’ name comes from the symbols of tall ships, which are the 10 apartment towers sailing around the ‘lighthouse’ which is represented by the hotel. All these 10 apartment towers are named after some important port cities of the world, and each of them, are orientated towards the cardinal direction of their corresponding city.

Isn’t it fabulous? I would love to see inside!

What is one of your favorite quotes?

My favorite quote is one I made myself many years ago when I was living in an impossible relationship. It’s helped me many times stay strong and focused.

“Don’t Let the Situation Control You. YOU Control the Situation.”



What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?

When I was younger all I wore was dark colors. Blacks, browns, grays, dark greens. Pretty much matched what I felt. Now that I’m older. I wear bright colors. Reds, oranges, purples, bright blues, bright greens. About the only colors I don’t wear are pink and yellow. Pink because, well, I’m just not much of a pink girl. Yellows because they make me look like death warmed over. Not a good look on anyone, unless you’re a zombie. BRAINSSssssssSSSS!

What is something you learned in the last week?

I learned a new word this week. One I had never heard before. I was reading a friends blog and he had this word for a writing prompt. The word was Mamihlapinatapei. Have you ever heard of it? Not many have I think. The definition given was this; “The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.”

I thought it was a pretty cool word. Don’t ask me to pronounce it though.


So how is YOUR week going?




37 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2014 Week 27

  1. Wow, what a word and what a definition! 🙂

    I’m with you on yellow, it is the one color I won’t wear at all.

    Love your quote!


  2. Me thinks your Muse and mine took a vacay together – LOL. Don’t feel bad, I still haven’t done my “SYW” plus missed last week (or past couple??)


  3. That’s an impressive building Jackie, favourite saying: sucked the grub, colours are blue and like you bright colours, that is one impressive word too, what a smart friend you must have!
    My week is good, cold and windy today but otherwise all is good.


    1. Isn’t that building awesome?
      hmmm sucked the grub….not sure I want to suck any grubs LOL
      That is a might impressive word isn’t it? And yes, my friend is very smart! After all I don’t have dumb ones 😉


          1. Oh sorry I should have remembered your are a precious coffee drinker……oh course you would be delicate…..pinky pointing in the right direction….


  4. Jackie! I had to pop in here to tell you how sorry I am you hurt your knee. 😦 I hope you’re icing it and taking care of it. Feel better!!

    No pink or yellow, eh? My two favorite colors. But I suppose they wouldn’t suit you with your darker coloring. That word sounds Hawaiian to me – not normal English. 🙂 I like it!


    1. Maddie!!!! Awww you came out of your bat cave just for me? Thank you my friend!
      I am hoping to go to the drs tomorrow as it’s been a week now and knee is not getting better. I will send you a well deserved email, letting you know all my news. 😉

      pretty cool word right? I don’t think it’s Hawiaiian. It’s a foreign language though. I think. Don’t quote me LOL


      1. Yikes – a week and not better. 😦 I’m sending good thoughts your way that it’s something that can be taken care of quickly. Write when you have time – no worries.

        The bat cave – it feels like it some times. I’m getting ready for a late night writing session. Only six more days before the princess is here!! 🙂


        1. Six more days! Yay!! I know you are super excited. 🙂
          you will have to send me pics of the princess.
          You are going to have such fun.

          Write write write girl! I can’t wait to read the next book!
          love you!


  5. Hi. I hope your knee is feeling better. What an awesome word. Mameelapeenyahtahpay if I had to guess. And your quote is awesome.


    1. Hello Jaded! My knee is about the same thanks, going to dr tomorrow. Isn’t that a wonderful word?
      and thank you about the quote.


  6. Sorry about your knee. Hurt knees are particularly bad because joints are such weak areas aren’t they, and can take a while to heal.

    That building is amazing! It looks like it was once tall and straight, and a giant has taken it, and folded it over! My only thought was, half of the bedrooms must face inwards which would be a bit gloomy and dark?

    I love to wear pink! I love yellow in general because it’s so bright and cheery, but maybe it’s not a great colour to wear for many people. Not sure I own any yellow clothing.

    Great quote 🙂 And that long word is just nuts! I like the meaning, but still!


    1. I couldn’t find any pictures of the inside room, but I noticed that too about them. Still the building is awesome.

      I’ve never sprained or hurt anything before so this is new to me with my knee and I hate it!

      I can wear pink it’s just not my favorite color.

      Thanks about the quote and yes the long word is strange 🙂


  7. That building is so very cool. It would be on the top of my list too. Thanks so much for sharing this week. I sure enjoyed reading your answers.


  8. Hey, Jackie – I really hope your knee is feeling better soon xxxxx

    I haven’t heard of mamihlapinatapei before – that’s a very interesting word 😀


  9. Sorry about your knee. I understand, my sciatica is driving me insane. My muse has just upped and vanished too. That is a lovely building design. Like you I wore dark colors too growing up. Not because of my mood but because I didn’t want to be noticed. I wear them now because they’re pretty. I wear pink and I guess I’m a zombie. 🙂 Yellow tops not pants. . .oh no!! Hope your knee recovers quickly.


    1. Hello Kim! So nice to see you! Hope you are well. 🙂

      My knee is slow to recover, but everything is at my age lol

      You are only a zombie if you feel the urge to snack on someone’s brains LOL


  10. Such an exciting building you designed Jackie! I agree it would be wonderful to see its insides as well. Wow! Don’t worry, your muse will return from vacation in due time. It seems that they (muses) are on a group trip somewhere…mine has been in and out 🙂 But you need to take care of your knee…seen the dr already? Many hugs my friend.


    1. It is a unique building isn’t it? My muse is off partying someplace and leaving me that tab! lol
      I can’t see the dr till tuesday, so it’s going to be a long weekend ..ugh. Many hugs back!


  11. So I came for a visit and you tax my mind. I had to look the word up. The information is (Yagan, an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego) That tells me absolutely nothing so now I must research further.;( Interesting that you like sleek modern design with a bit of a bend. No one should wear pink that I know. My pink is peachy, warm. Pink has too much blue in it. I always wore dark skirts in 3 colors. Brown, black or navy. They went with everything. No money for clothes so we made a little go a long way. You know the drill. I love your self statement. Good one! Your muse wants you to rest and heal. When the knee is better, the muse will come home. Promise. 🙂


    1. Yeah the word is something else. lol

      Sometimes in certain buildings they just look happy to me, and this one did. 🙂

      Well I hope when the knee gets better the muse comes back, I hate when it leaves and doesn’t tell me where it’s going lol


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