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A Bit More About Boring Me ~~ 2014 Week 29

Hello people! I haven’t been around much lately I know. Did anyone miss me? No? Eh, well.

Let me tell you a bit about what’s been going on with me and why I haven’t been around or writing much this month. First, I hurt my right knee earlier this month. How I did it, I have no idea, but hurt it, I did and it swells up by the end of the day. I get shooting pains in it when it’s not throbbing like a bad toothache. Yeah, fun times. So when I walk too much, my ankles swell up and it just makes for a shitty time.

Then my muse, the fickle witch, left me and went on holidays and I don’t even get a postcard.

Yesterday, I was trying to take something off a shelf and accidentally knocked a can of tomatoes off the shelf and it landed on my forehead. So I ended up with a bruise and a headache to match the knee. Fun times here folks. But, the fun keeps coming!

At 2:30 am, I woke myself up because I was in a cold sweat, shaking like a leaf and couldn’t catch my breath. Well, I know that feeling! It doesn’t happen too often, but my blood sugars dropped too much. Went down to 2, which is dangerously low. I managed to take my glucose test and yeah, it was that low. So I managed to make it to the kitchen for juice and peanut butter. An hour later, I’m back to normal and go back to bed. I just feel tired, drained and cranky. Yes, I said cranky! Like an old lady!

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been around much. After I finish this, I will disappear once again, maybe go take a nap. I sure need one.

Cee from Cee’s Photography has posted another Share Your World set of questions. I’ll answer them as best I can. Why not go pay her a visit and  join us?



Have you ever been in a submarine?  If you haven’t, would you want to?

No and no! I’m a bit claustrophobic. So I wouldn’t go in a submarine if I didn’t have to. It gives me the creeps to think I’m in an enclosed space under the water. No thanks.


Are you a listener or talker?

I’ve always been a listener. Sometimes I think truly listening to someone is becoming a lost art. It seems people listen with half an ear, just waiting for an opening to top the story of the other person, or talk about themselves. No one seems to listen! They are too interested in only themselves. Which is a shame. There are a lot of people out there that would feel better if someone just listened to them. I like to listen to people, well people with something to say anyway. Everyone has a story. I’ve never been much of a talker, too shy for that. Unless I know you well. Then I could probably talk you to death LOL.

Do you prefer crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter?   Anything with your peanut butter?

Smooth peanut butter. For me it tastes better. Sometimes if I eat peanut butter I will put a little strawberry jam with it, or honey. Yummy. I don’t eat it too often because it raises my blood sugars too much, but as a special treat, it’s the best!

Have you ever been drunk?

Oh yes. But not for years now. I remember the very first time I got drunk. I was 16, but it was a safe environment as my Dad got me drunk! We used to go to a bar that was being run by a cousin. I think it’s still standing too! Oh wow, that was a lot of years ago. It was in Carter, Wisconsin. My mom grew up there and my grandmother used to work as the cook there when I was really young. It’s been around for as long as I remember. I had just turned 16 and my parents, sister and I were up there for the weekend or something. It was about 4 hours north from home. The guy behind the bar asked my dad if I could have a drink. My dad said it was ok, I think it was a rum and coke or something like that. Then it got to be 2 drinks, then 3 drinks and so on. My dad thought it was funny. I remember after about the 6th drink, I had to go to the bathroom and to get there I had to walk around the pool table. I barely made it! My dad thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw! I also remember we went to the summer home afterwards and my dad helped me walk and then kind of poured me in bed, clothes and all! LOL

The next morning he asked me how I felt. He thought I would have one hell of a hangover, but I felt fine. I never got hangovers. I think he was a bit disappointed. Haha! Of course, there were a few more times in my life I got drunk. But I stopped drinking all together years ago, even before a became diabetic. It just wasn’t my thing. I also never got drunk enough that I lost control of what I was doing or blacked out. I hated losing control. Still do.

This is how cool I thought I looked drinking. LOL
This is how cool I thought I looked drinking. LOL


39 thoughts on “A Bit More About Boring Me ~~ 2014 Week 29

  1. Yikes, I had noticed you weren’t around as much but was hoping it was something nice, like a vacation or something! Definitely go get some rest and complete your recovery from all the accidents!

    Strawberry jam sounds so good right now… I’ll reach for it on the shelf, if that works for you 🙂


  2. Can bonking on head? Your kitchen is trying to help your knee by getting you vitamins and minerals…just forgot to open the can, silly cabinets!
    Hope you are feeling better – watch that blood sugar!


  3. Jackie, I hope you are feeling better soon. Oh, you poor thing? Take care of yourself. Rest. I enjoyed your story about your dad getting you drunk.You’re lucky you don’t get hungover! I can’t drink anymore even if I wanted to. I now enjoy a nice glass of wine. 🙂 Listening is a lost art.


  4. Ah gosh, I already answered these questions myself on NotAPunk’s one, so I won’t answer them again, but I will say oh goodness poor you! I very much sympathise, knee pain is awful, the worst is if your knee locks at night and it’s incredibly painful to straighten, do you ever get that? I get that if I’ve done some exercise (which doesn’t happen very often!), so I consider it a good excuse not to exercise 🙂 I’m afraid I sniggered a little at the image of the tomato can falling on your head, I know it’s not funny, and yet…it kind of is! Sorry. Hope you’re feeling back all back to normal again soon.


    1. Well I will have to go and read her post to see both your answers! Yes sometimes my knee locks up, but usually when I’m walking. It only feels better if it’s straight. Strange eh? Well I cussed a blue streak when that can hit my noggin. LOL Thanks Vanessa!


  5. I agree with you about submarines, don’t really eat peanut butter very often and I’ve never been drunk, that I remember. I like how you drop those selfies into your posts Jackie. Get better soon we miss your cheery countenance around the blogs.


  6. I agree the art of listening is dying out. If your dad got you drunk today he would be in jail for endangering a minor. Heck the bar would of been shut down. Your father may have wanted to teach you a lesson. My grandmother gave me a cigarette when I was very young. I use to play with the ones in the ash trays. So she was going to let me have a smoke. She was angry that I didn’t chock or cough. No lesson there. 🙂


    1. Back then it was nothing. My parents did the best they knew how. I practically grew up in a bar. Didn’t affect me none. I’m sure my father did want to teach me a lesson, ore more likely he wanted me to experience it with someone safe. Yeah, my dad used to smoke cigars and let us kids have a puff. We almost all got sick lol


  7. Oh, I hope you’ll get rid of all the pains…soonest! Just rest and take care of yourself. Sending warm thoughts of healing.
    Ps. I’ve been in a submarine once, but it was not under water. It was no longer in use and was anchored in Baltimore harbor. Not a nice environment, I would never step in one for real.


  8. Ugh! When it rains it pours. I hope you heal quickly…listening is learning…it teaches so much. peanut butter and chocolate…yum.


  9. I did notice you weren’t around much. 🙂
    So sorry you are going through so much crap, Jackie. I can relate. *hugs*


  10. Wow, it sounds like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong 😦 I hope you recover from your knee and forehead injuries soon.

    Jam or honey is a good idea, anything to mask the taste of the peanuts!


  11. I love how you describe all that’s happened to you. Blood sugar is nothing to mess with. I’m with you on the submarine. I don’t even close interior doors in my house. I’m a talker and a listener. Depends on the situation. I know the art of conversation is to speak, pause and hear fully what the other person has to say. So few know how. I’ve been drinking since I got beer from a baby bottle. We were well behaved children. We had beer everyday. So growing up it was no big deal. I’ve been drunk once. My first husband thought it was funny to slip me a drink I didn’t know was powerful. Never happened again. I will have ONE and I’m done.
    Please, please get better. My knees hurt when I eat carbs. They hurt for days afterward. Sure makes comfort foods not comfortable. Keeps my blood sugar more regulated though.


    1. Hi Marlene! How’s the house coming along?
      I’m trying to get better. Yeah, we need carbs to regulate our blood sugar. Kind of a vicious circle right?
      Hope you are doing well my friend.


  12. I missed you! I didn’t know you wrote this post before I messaged you. So sorry that things have been rough for you. 😦 Hope everything will turn out for the better soon.

    Definitely much more of a listener here, there’s a lot unsaid when people talk. 🙂

    Lots of hugs to you. xox


  13. My long separated sis, we do the same things. 😉 The last time I fell I broke two bones and my nose. I tweaked my knee somehow last week and it still throbs so I can sympathize.

    I’m with you on the submarine, I love heights but don’t want to be stuck in a tube under the water. One of the Jaws movies was filmed at the San Diego Sea World and they had this under water walkway where you could see the animals and all I could think about was drowning in there from a leak, of course that’s what happened later in the movie.

    Peanut butter with honey is one of my favorite treats, and I never had a hangover either. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better and your muse returns soon.


    1. Well I found out today that I have pulled a muscle in my knee, actually it’s a ligament on the outside of my right knee. I also have arthritis in it. Getting old is tough. Now I”m on pain meds and have to do exercises to toughen the ligament back up and it hurts like hell lol.

      I never watched the jaws movie lol….

      My muse I think is slowly coming back. It teases me now. LOL


      1. I’m glad your muse is coming back from hiding.

        I have bruised the bone around my knee. My knee cap moves side to side instead of up and down when I add to that the fact that to transfer and move I have to lock my knees it causes the bones to rub against each other so ya, hurts like hell pretty much sums it up. Hope you feel better soon.


  14. So sorry about your knee and the bump on the head. Hope they both heal quickly. Sure glad you were able to make it in to the kitchen to get something to level out your sugar…that would have been scary to me. Be well and I hope only good things come your way from this day forward. Hugs


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