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New Diet Sensation!


Hello People!



I am here to tell you about the amazing breakthrough new diet! It’s called the Pain Diet!


No pills! No exercise! No eating! No fun!




If you are looking for a new and amazing way to lose weight, well look no further! This new diet will have you shedding that unwanted weight in no time!



Sure you might groan and spend sleepless nights awake and in pain. But isn’t it worth it?? Just think of those extra 15 – 20 pounds that you would love to lose but have been hanging around since college days! Well have no fear. This amazing diet will let you shed that weight in less than 6 weeks!



Yes, you heard correctly. All you have to do is break a bone or pull a ligament and this amazing diet is yours free! That’s right folks! NO pills to take! NO exercises to do!



Order now and if you don’t have that broken bone or pulled ligament, we will send Big Carlos over within 48 hours to break a bone for you! Free of charge! (you just pay a small delivery charge)



So overdo now in your household or garden chores and get that knee ligament pulled! Then you too will be able to say at your next high school reunion….. “I shed my extra weight with the amazing Pain Diet!”
(This is part of an email I sent a really great friend this morning, who asked how I was doing. This friend has been with me since the beginning of when I pulled the ligament in my knee almost six weeks ago. They suggested that it would make a funny post and I agreed. So here it is. Hope you enjoyed my tongue in cheek humor today. But, really I wouldn’t recommend this diet, it sucks. And yes I did lose almost 15 lbs in 6 weeks because of the pain. Some good came out of it all I guess. LOL)