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In Pieces~~~ A Poem


In Pieces

Life, shattered, laying in pieces around me

Dreams that once were, no more

Faded wisps of what might have been

gently disappear with the breeze

Heart, broken, jagged pieces left bleeding

Tears mingle with the pain of broken wings of want

Sighs heard, quietly in the dark corners

like soft bells of desire, never to be heard again

Thoughts, scattered, pieces of a once treasured puzzle

Wishes float in the air, then pop, broken like fragile bubbles

Memories of something that almost was possible

now gone, as if it never was……..

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be

these pieces of me


17 thoughts on “In Pieces~~~ A Poem

  1. Well written. I’m sure many others can relate to your words. I’ve been there many times but always come out the other side. Hope things are getting better for you.


  2. This is a very strong sad poem, deeply touching. Thinking of you my friend and trusting all is improving, even if slowly.


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