Worries ~~~ A Poem




Another sleepless night passes, body weary, sore

Worries scuttle through my mind, like rats seeking shadows

Gnawing at my peace, they scurry and never quite settle

Wondering if sleep will forever elude me

False friendships I find, bitter disappointment,

Worries have no place in their golden lives

They settle into mine, solid, unmoving it seems

Spirit tired, bruised, seeking the light

Words form, simple, telling, painful to say

Honest wishes, fading like mist into a sea of need

How to reach out, take hold, breath again

Alone, like the ticking of the clock at 3 am

Worries throbbing with the rhythm of my heart beat

Fast, erratic, hurtful as the backs turned to me

Silence thunders in my ears, close my eyes to the pain

I go on, I survive to lay sleepless another night


15 thoughts on “Worries ~~~ A Poem

  1. No wonder your knee hurts. You have all that pain inside you looking for a place to ooze out. If you keep writing like this, the knee may start to feel better. I sure hope so. Great poem. Lots of feeling in it. Wishing you wellness.


  2. Worry is not a good companion. I know it from experience. It makes us see the worst of the worst possibilities. Things that may never happen. Combined with pain in the body and soul it becomes really hard to bear. I hope you can get it all out and let it go. Hang in there. Love and hugs Ps. Will write tomorrow.


    1. Thank you tiny. This is not my usual self, but things lately have been a bit much. I’m hanging in the best I can for now. Will look for your email tomorrow. Love and hugs to you too.


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