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Silence ~~~ A Poem




The silence is so loud now, hurting my heart

Echoes of words past, drop like jagged rocks into my memory

Words spoken that had no substance, no real truth

A smooth flow of silver, wrapped around my soul


Silence mocks me, cutting, making me bleed sorrow

How could words softly spoken, scream my shame of belief

Wanting, needing, to end the jumble of letters falling

My ears now closed, no more to hear the crash of pretending


Eyes wide, filled with the hurt of the silent emptiness

Age should have been a barrier, a roadblock, a dead end

Instead, words moved the barriers, made them inconsequential

Slowly, rebuilding, rewording, battered but not broken


Silence, used, can be so powerful, so hurtful, so final



13 thoughts on “Silence ~~~ A Poem

    1. Thank you Maria. I know they are kind of dark, but I’m getting it all out to make room for lighter stuff. I appreciate you reading them.


  1. So beautifully written. I really like it, even though it’s heavy with sorrow.

    If you ever fancy a one-off venue for a poem, I have a lovely little poetry blog which is begging for a Guest Bard… 😉


  2. Well written and powerful poem, Jackie. I can feel sadness seeping out with these words. But that also means there will be room in your heart for light to seep in, enough so that you can see how to best rebuild. Many hugs to you my friend.


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