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Light Flashes ~~~ A Poem



Light Flashes


Light flashes in the dark, tiny sprites of hope

My dark thoughts pause, gloom is getting brighter

Fading beneath the small glimmers of sunshine

Reaching hands of friendship taking hold of me

Light flashes in the dark, lightening bugs of dreams

Wisps of smoky dullness being blown away with warmth

Off in the distance I see the darkness slide against the sides

Heart is easier, mind clearer, sleep is a friend of mine

Light flashes in the dark, air bright again after the rain

Fear no longer lives here, terror has lost it’s reign

A few kind words were needed, given, taken and returned

Virtual is still reality, in this world of mine

Light flashes in the dark, sparks flying bigger each day

Pain lessens, memories made of caring friends, smiles from the heart

Shadows grow smaller, not completely gone,

Light flashes in the dark, stepping stones to the sun

9 thoughts on “Light Flashes ~~~ A Poem

  1. Your poems are showing a process you are working through Jackie. I am pleased for you. Added to that is the lovely use of words and imagery contained within your work. I liked the positive feel of this one, well done.


    1. Thank you Kim. I still have a ways to go before knee is completely better, but yes, I am feeling better. I’m glad you liked my writing. Poetry seems to be working for me lately.


  2. Loved this one, Jackie! Poetry is working for you. And there is optimism in this one. Happy you’re feeling a little better. Hang in there ❤ Hugs!!


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